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Alistair - The First Light Fury

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Alistair - The First Light Fury Empty Alistair - The First Light Fury

Post by Alistair on Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:48 pm

Personality and the Basics

Alistair - The First Light Fury De9SOyUX0AIhe_0

Name: Alistair Hades
Pronunciation: al-is-ter hay-dees
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Light Fury (Credit to Dream Works for design)
Age: 19 dragon years
Date of Birth: November 11
Personality: To start with, Alistair Hades can be described as a dragoness who has a soft spot for all beings, especially the hatchlings of her own kind. One may use words like sweet and caring to describe her, and that is good for Alistair seeing as that is what she is going for. She is one who loves and strives to make others happy in her own little way, may it be looking after their babies or catching them some prey. She never forgets a promise and is always determined to keep one. However, this can lead to conflicts. If Alistair swore to keep a secret, she would be puzzled about who she should tell it to. Her instant answer to herself is no one, but in some cases the secret can be unfaithful and Ali would be stuck. This leads to issues and possibly broken friendships. Her own friendliness can be a problem as well, as wary dragons may see her more as manipulative and assume she has an ulterior motive.

Though Ali is basically a wizard with hatchlings, there are some cases where the small ones end up exasperating her. Aye, this Light Fury is capable of anger. She tends to bottle up her emotions on the job when she does get mad (thankfully, this is rare), but often pouts when she's alone. It especially annoys her when she's accused of something by the baby dragon's parent, or that the mother or father won't trust her.

Alistair is a finicky female who is picky in multiple situations. She is certainly a picky eater, no doubt. She also has a certain sense of humor. She hates dirty or dark jokes, since she is near hatchlings most of the time and she doesn't want to put stuff in their heads. She gets protective of said hatchies, and she is capable of getting nasty and offensive to defend the young ones. She is not one to fight, but she tries to be threatening.

As for romance, Alistair can be a flirt. However, she is delicate with how she uses her words. Her goal is to leave her male of interest wondering if she actually likes him. Of course, she doesn't always reach this goal, which can lead to embarrassment of both her and the male. Alistair tries to be sly, and always attempts to keep her interest guessing.
-Alistair loves playing and caring for hatchlings. She breathes and lives for them. They are even the targeted demographic for the scrolls she writes. She is quite good with them as well.
-As an author, she enjoys writing and illustrating her own works as well. Her scrolls are targeted for hatchling readers, particularly those young enough to be learning their words and how to read. Alistair’s works tend to have large, colorful words and illustrations for young dragons to see and enjoy.
-This Light Fury swims in her free time at Falcon’s Peak when she can. She finds it relaxing.
-Aside from her hobbies above, Alistair enjoys eating fruit. This is hard to find, especially in the Icello Region so it is a delicacy for her. She loves it nonetheless and enjoys it whenever she can.
-Alistair takes a liking to all of nature. She loves the plants, trees, and flowers along with every animal you can think of. . . Yes, even spiders! Not maggots, though. Ew.
-Warmth. This is unusual for a dragon of ice and snow such as herself, but Alistair enjoys basking in heat and warmth when she is able to, like at Falcon’s Peak.
-Alistair does not enjoy filth. She despises getting dirty as it effects the appearance of her beautiful, pristine scales. Cleanliness is much better, thank you very much.
-She also does not like spring. The flowers and growth is beautiful indeed, yes, but she hates it because it is a hot spot for getting the sneezies. Alistair doesn’t like allergies, and with allergies comes sneezing.
-Maggots. They are disgusting. Just watching them makes her nauseous, and don’t even get Alistair started on what they do to other living creatures.
-Alistair is afraid of burning alive and drowning. Swimming is something she does often, so this fear kicks in somewhat often.
-She is also afraid of the death of young hatchlings, especially those under her care.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Falcon’s Peak
Tribe: Kaamil
Position: Kailin/Author
Language: Kenarun and Universal
Home: Fairysnow Forest
Parents: Alistair has undetermined parents, as no other Light Furies are currently known.
Siblings: Undetermined.
Relatives: Undetermined.
Mate: Krin Dharsii
Offspring: None.
History: Revealed in RP.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 5 feet
Length: 30 feet
Wingspan: 55 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Alistair has smooth, tiny scales that can barely be seen and have more of the appearance of skin. They are solid white but have a slight glimmer to them, allowing Alistair to sparkle in dim or bright light. The glitter is subtle and is only a slight touch instead of an in-your-face addition. Sometimes her scales might glint a soft pink or blue that is barely visible and disappear as quickly as it comes.
Eyes: Her eyes are the same color of the sky on a cloudless day.
Accessories: None.
Armor: None.
Horns/Spikes: None.
Overall Appearance: Alistair is a very beautiful and attractive Light Fury with a long body and large wings. As opposed to Night Furies, she has a more smooth and lean appearance that might also be called feminine. She has short legs that go to tiny feet with white claws and less frills on her head than her counterpart, the Night Fury. She has two large ears on the side of her head with two smaller frills underneath them  While Night Furies have small ridges on their backs and tails, Alistair instead has a tiny white web that is slightly transparent going only down her back. The same small webs are on the back of her front legs, but they're barely visible.

Night Furies tend to have a rough, spikey appearance to their wing and tail membranes. This is not the case for Alistair the Light Fury. Instead, her wings and tail are more smoothly rounded and, like the webs on her back and front legs, slightly transparent. All in all, she is a more delicate version of a Night Fury with white scales. Without a doubt, Alistair is quite a pretty dragon.

Alistair - The First Light Fury 44808306_363196717762051_4217259964541960192_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram

Abilities and Strengths

>Ice Breath. Alistair can exhale a frost cold enough to form a thin layer of ice on whatever she aims it at. It is mainly used for distraction, as the layer can be shattered with ease. It can travel up to 20 feet and can be used once every two posts.
>Cloaking. Alistair has reflective scales that can make her seemingly disappear into her surroundings. She can be detected only by a thin shimmering outline of her body shape if noise and her scent doesn’t alert others. This can be maintained for three posts and cannot be used again for four posts afterwards.
-Alistair has a 75% resistance to ice and cold.
-She is quite fast and agile, able to fly at 100 MPH and 120 for her diving speed.
-She is small, allowing her to slip into spaces larger dragons typically cannot.
-Her scales are rather sensitive and can be damaged easily.
-Thanks to her shimmery white scales, Alistair is not sneaky at all and often stands out in places of greenery.
-Alistair is small, and larger dragons can easily squash her or kick her around.
-She is a pacifist and refuses to fight, meaning she has a hard time being brave enough to defend herself.
Fighting Style: None. Alistair is not a fighter.

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Alistair - The First Light Fury Empty Re: Alistair - The First Light Fury

Post by Azreyus on Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:53 pm

Just one thing to clarify before I give you your first approval.

Does her shadow remain when she's using her Cloaking ability?



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