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Post by Kimerth on Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:09 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Kimerth Talihar 

Pronunciation: Kimerth 
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Multi-element Acid Dragon
Age: 899
Date of Birth: June
Personality: Kimerth's tongue is harsher than her bite, she is rude and harsh to dragons she thinks little off. and is slightly hard to get along with. She likes to be the leader in most situations and often will boss other dragons around. Dragons who she deems worthy of her time get to she the nicer side of her. She still is pretty rude, but will treat them with some hints of kindness. She is very intelligent, and an expert planner.

Hobbies: Training, bossing others around, proving others wrong.
Likes: Fighting, overpowering other dragons, being in charge.
Dislikes: Being bossed around, being beaten in a fight, walking.
Fears: Blood Razors, being killed in combat.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:  The Uoangi Desert
Tribe: Ki'sha
Position: Aliugaan
Language: Kishin, Universal, Ga'ar, and Kenarun.
Home: Uoangi Desert.
Parents: Mara and Norar.
Siblings: Erin Tallihar.
Mate: not yet
Offspring: no
History: Kimerth was a muscular fighter at birth, she was the largest and one of the only survivors of her six siblings. She trained hard and endlessly to become a Ugaan, and trained even harder to be elevated to Aliugaan. Kimerth takes her job very seriously. After her sister got caught meeting and helping an injured Kyion from the Kaamil Tribe, who'd been sent to spy, she has to prove herself worthy of her title by joking to chase after her sister. She helped track her down and capture her, insisting that she become a Shemscaluri to save her life. Erin refused, until Kimerth basically begged her to not let the Ki'sha kill her.
Kimerth is still trying to figure out a way to redeem Erin in the eyes of the Ki'sha, trying to find a way to get her back as a Ugaan.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 65ft
Length: 90ft
Wingspan: 120ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Heavy dark irony scales.
Eyes: Piercing yellow.
Horns/Spikes: Black sharp horns and spikes that run down her spine down to her tail. Her tail has three sharp spikes.
Overall Appearance: 
Kimerth Tallihar  47982bd1-a1c0-495c-8022-b0b50e1ef84e
Abilities and Strengths

Interchangeable Fire.
Kimerth can change her fire into different types. She can spit acid, very hot fire, lightning, corrosive smoke that can dissolve weak metals and damage hard ones, or white fire which forms ice spikes on whatever it touches.
She can change her fire quickly, but only change it four times a day (four times a post). She can only change to lightning once, and can't change it after that without loosing her ability to breath fire for the day. (for 8 or so posts) If she changes her fire more than four times, she will be unable to use her fire, and only be able to spit acid. All her breath attacks have a 60ft range.

Kimerth can set wooden things that she can see on fire. She cannot set things on fire if they are massive (buildings etc) or not made of wood. She can also set her body on fire, but only for five minutes (eh, 3 posts) before it starting to burn her. She needs at least ten minutes (6 posts) to regain this ability.

Acidic Blood.
Kimerth's blood is mildly acidic and can hurt other dragons if they attack her psychically.


Very Strong.
Kimerth can easily overpower dragons smaller than her, and can break things with ease.

Strong Scales.
Kimerth's scales are tough and can withstand a lot of damage before breaking.

Being very intelligent, Kimerth can use objects and her environment to her advantage when fighting, and will not hesitate to fight dirty by blinding others with sand or distracting a dragon by throwing an object at them.

Kimerth is a very skilled fighter, and has trained hard to be proficient in many fighting styles.


Being heavily armored and strong, Kimerth isn't the most agile or quick, and struggles to take down quicker dragons. She also struggles with getting into small spaces, as her armored scales and get her stuck in small area's or tunnels.

Kimerth hates being cold, and is damaged more by magic or fire based on it. It also restricts her movement if it freezes parts of her scales, and can cool her body so that she cant set her form on fire or breath normal fire.

Kimerth will not kill unless instructed. She may let dangerous enemies go as she feels its against her morals and against her ancestors to kill unless absolutely necessary. She may not even kill if her life depends on it.

Though honorable, Kimerth is an aggressive fighter, and can get tricked or led into tough situations where she may be overpowered by a group or tricked into a tight space in which it would be tough for her to fight back. She doesn't pay attention too much while she is fighting, except her opponents, and can be surprised easily while fighting by a sneaky dragon.

Aerial Combat.
Kimerth struggles with combat in the air, and prefers to keep or take combat to the ground.

Fighting Style: Cunning skilled combat on the ground.
Kimerth can make flames wreathe one creature she can see within a 100ft range. The target can dodge the spell if they move out of the way quick enough. If they don't, they get set on fire for sixty seconds (2 posts). The burning target sheds bright light in a wide radius and dim light for an additional radius. The target can put out the fire with a spell or just putting it out by hand. These magical flames can’t be extinguished by nonmagical means, unless the target puts it out. Kimerth can only cast this once a topic.

Kimerth can touch a dragon and cover them in electrical energy that can paralyze them for a few seconds. Some dragons can resist the paralyzing effect, but will be hurt by the powerful surge of electricity. If they cant resist it, they don't get hurt by the electricity.

Fire Bolt
This spell hurls a mote of fire at a creature or object within a 60ft range. A flammable object hit by this spell ignites if it isn't being worn or carried.

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Kimerth Tallihar  Empty Re: Kimerth Tallihar

Post by Oculus on Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:58 pm

For Kimerth's breath attacks, whats the range on them? Also what is magic fire? How far can the Fire Bolt travel? Need ranges on most of these things. Bump when editted!

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Kimerth Tallihar  Empty Re: Kimerth Tallihar

Post by Kimerth on Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:18 pm


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Kimerth Tallihar  Empty Re: Kimerth Tallihar

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