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Post by Thorn on Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:23 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Cho’ska
Pronunciation: Show-skah
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Western Sandskulk
Age: 698 
Date of Birth: March 15
Personality: Clever, clement, and concealed, Cho’ska is a sponge for knowledge and hostess to a web of secrets. She has an insatiable thirst for all information, seeing all knowledge is valuable in some way. Most would describe her as eccentric and reclusive, but she very much enjoys company - she just rarely has the time for it. Cho’ska has no problem with studies consuming her life, as she quite enjoys them. It’s difficult for Cho’ska to believe most things without evidence, though every now and again there are things she’ll believe without question - without explanation as to why. She’s friendly enough to most who talk to her, though it’s easy to tell that she often withholds information. Whenever something notable happens, it's not uncommon to find Cho'ska nearby soon after.


  • Read and study in total isolation from others.
  • Take short walks whenever free time presents itself.


  • Questions, though she wouldn’t admit it, she enjoys answering the curiosities of others.
  • Open-minded people, stubborn individuals are of no use to her.
  • Cactus fruit.


  • Loud noises, they distract her easily and can derail her trains of thought.
  • Excessive violence, it seems unnecessary to her in the quantity that it often occurs.
  • Menial labor, she can’t stand simple, dumb labor.


  • Demotion. The idea of being forced out of her position is one which haunts her. 
  • Discovery. There are some things Cho’ska would very much rather keep to herself, terrified if others were to know. 

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Verula, within Ki’shan borders.
Tribe: Ki’sha
Position: Syaan
Language: Fluent Kishin, Fluent Universal, Fluent Ga’ar, Nearly-fluent Kenarun, Nearly-fluent Vuarish, Some Arretiz, Some Xoyan.
Home: A very cramped, cluttered dwelling within the Ki’sha.
Parents: Unknown.
Siblings: Two brothers, whom she doesn’t know the names of.
Relatives: Her uncle, Ja’vonsk.
Mate: Not yet.
Offspring: No.
History: :)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 42 ft
Length: 74 ft
Wingspan: 104 ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Sandy beige scales.
Eyes: A mellow orange.
Accessories: No.
Armor: If unavoidable.
Horns/Spikes: Two eggshell white horns protruding from the rear of her skull, curved down and around towards her face. A ridge of short spines goes down her back and along her tail.
Overall Appearance: As far a dragons go, Cho’ska’s physique is fairly average among what would be expected of western dragons. Her hide is rather untouched by scars or markings, save for a long, horizontal scar across her neck.

Abilities and Strengths


  • Firebreath. Cho’ska is capable of spitting a jet of fire from her maw. The flame is about 600C tops and can reach around 20-ish feet maximum. She can spit flame for about 10 minutes every two hours.


  • Cho'ska is a logical thinker, making problem-solving much simpler for her.
  • Cho'ska is somewhat magically dull, leading to magic having a much weaker effect on her.


  • She is very much a perfectionist, unable to leave something alone until it is absolutely perfect, or becomes too great a trouble and she gives up.
  • Cho’ska is somewhat neurotic, leading her to be at a greater risk of breaking down under immense pressure. She doesn’t fare well under stress.
  • Cho'ska cannot learn, use, or interact with any sort of magic. It simply doesn't work when she tries.

Fighting Style: Cho’ska is not particularly fond of violence, but she can certainly hold her own. When engaged, she tends to be more calculated about her attacks, only targeting weak points she can discern. However, she will quickly surrender upon deeming a fight unwinnable.
Magic: Cho’ska is incapable of magic, even if she were to try.

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Cho'ska Empty Re: Cho'ska

Post by Oculus on Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:00 pm

"Cho’ska is well-versed in a number of matters, as is a result of her profession."
What matters? Need to specify

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Cho'ska Empty Re: Cho'ska

Post by Thorn on Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:32 pm


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Cho'ska Empty Re: Cho'ska

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