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Draconifom Species Creation

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Draconifom Species Creation - Page 2 Empty Draconifom Species Creation

Post by Scortia on Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:46 pm

First topic message reminder :

Hello everyone! Friendly neighborhood mod Scortia here. Finally, we have the long awaited species creation! Due to popular demand, the species creation will be entirely free will, with no given template. Obviously, some things are a necessity, such as name, abilities, description, and where they are commonly found, but feel free to personalize the species however you like!

When you're finished, staff will look over your application to make sure the species you created isn't overpowered by our standards, and just gloss over it for a quick review, then it will be submitted to the official species list.

Happy dragon making!

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Draconifom Species Creation - Page 2 Empty Re: Draconifom Species Creation

Post by Solarlight and Darksky on Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:59 pm

Well, with my characters I'm also going to do a new species, since they don't really fit "normal" western dragons.

Name: Solar-Lunar Dragon
Location: Prefer the highest altitudes they can find, but can live almost anywhere.
Draconiforme Type: Western Dragon
Light/Dark Magic Breath: This breath attack is the most powerful weapon at a Solar-Lunar's disposal. This breath is made up of magic energy fired out into a concentrated beam of either pale yellow, in male dragons, or purple, in female dragons, energy. This energy is mostly a concussive blast, though it also causes limited burning. This blast's strength depends on the size of the dragon, and fires at a range of 200 ft. These beams can be held for around 10 seconds. Despite the name, Light and Dark magic are no different for a Solar-Lunar, with the names only describing the color of the energy.
Description: A species of Western Dragon know for their connection to magic, Solar-Lunar dragons are a rare species that life mostly at high altitude. The most recognizable feature of this species is their appearance. Males scale pattern consists of white or pale yellow base scales with pale yellow or gold patterning, while females have black or dark purple scale with dark colored patterning. This coloration is most of where the species name comes from. Along with this, males have four large, straight horns, while females have a short crown of eight horns. Two headed individuals, while still uncommon, and additional appendages (two tails, four wings, six legs, etc...) were known to happen more often among Solar-Lunar's.

Solar-Lunar dragon young were know for being a talon full. They required care from their parents for at least 10 years before they had any chance of living on their own, and would often accidentally use their magic, causing trouble for anyone or anything nearby.

The magic prowess of this species is known, with at least one magic ability and Light/Dark breath being natural for them. Despite all this, these dragons are thought by many to be extinct, do to their low numbers.
Solarlight and Darksky
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Draconifom Species Creation - Page 2 Empty Re: Draconifom Species Creation

Post by Sorellabac on Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:57 pm

I am 99% this is closed but whatever.
Draconiforme Type: Western

Sub-Species Common Name(s): Rainbow Dragon

Defining features:
Rainbow Dragons are most known for their colour palette. They have a variety of colours that will cover their entire body, making them look like a mixed up rainbow. The more colours there are, the more powerful they are. They are also known for their magic. Most of them are born with some form of small magic, whether it is useful or not (making the wi-fi connection stronger even though they don't have wi-fi). Most Rainbow Dragons will be extremely bright from their colours.

Rainbow Dragons can be mostly in the forests of Shveki but are known for loving to travel, resulting in them being almost everywhere.

Rainbow Dragons are born with little to no physical skills, but can easily learn them later on in life. As for magic:

Fire Breathe
Almost all Rainbow Dragons have some sort of fire breathe. They come in all different colours and can do all different things (heal, burn, poison etc.)

Some Rainbow Dragons can do a form of summoning. They can make summoning circles, summon random items, create items and stuff like that.

If a dragon attempts to eat a Rainbow Dragon, they will have diabetes for the rest of their life.

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Draconifom Species Creation - Page 2 Empty Re: Draconifom Species Creation

Post by Whispering Soul on Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:30 pm

Name Mirror

Dragonform Type Western or Wyvern.

Size Ranging from 15 ft at their smallest, to 45ft at their largest. Mirrors were rarely larger than 50ft, and often died prematurely at any larger heights.

Diet Omnivorous, able to live off whatever they can find.

Appearance Mirrors are generally small, and look sleek and non-muscular, they have webbed ears, and large web going from their head down to the base of their spine, and large wings which are almost always bigger than their body. They have tail fins that can be whale-shaped, small, or large. Mirrors rarely have any sort of horns or spines. Only sporting tiny horns or little spikes on tail tips or arms. They have five fingers to a paw, and are very dexterous. Their scales are normally tear dropped or circularly shaped. (For a better reference, look up the Fae Dragons from the Flight Rising site)

Mirrors can be a variety of colors, aside from reds and oranges. Their markings can vary from eye shaped to wavelike. Their colors are mostly in the white and blue range, akin to ice.

Mirror's are adept magic users, and can use almost all types of magic, but tend to be best at one type. Rarely, Mirrors have a sight psychic prowess, being able to move things without touching them, mostly small objects and tiny creatures. Only a few Mirrors can use more powerful psychic abilities.
Mirrors are intellectually superior too many dragons, naturally being able to learn languages, concepts, and magic very quickly.
Mirrors are weak to poison. Any poisons affect them stronger than it would with a normal dragon, and psychic based magics also affect them greatly.
Mirrors are very guarded by nature, hoarding their feelings and knowledge as if it were as precious as gold. They are very social however, and suffer terribly from loneliness if they don't have any contact with other dragons. Mirrors tend to be very headstrong, and like to be helpful.

Mirrors are extremely rare only one or two existing to date, and nowadays, only partial hybrids exist.
Whispering Soul
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Draconifom Species Creation - Page 2 Empty Re: Draconifom Species Creation

Post by Sponsored content

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