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Guide to Understanding DH

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Guide to Understanding DH

Post by Scortia on Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:08 pm

A Dragon's Guide to Fun Roleplaying

Hello, Guest, and welcome to Dragons Haven! Be you young, old, inexperienced, or veteran roleplayer, Dragons Haven's got something for everyone! As a fully immersive world, Dragons Haven also has many interesting opportunities and a rich history that shall make your roleplaying experience exciting. Before we begin, take some time to read the following so that you may better understand the world of Nuira.

It might seem like a lot to take in, but don't worry. Anytime you need help, ask staff or any of our members.

i. Rules
Before we begin, it is important to read the rules of this forum to ensure everyone has a great time. Failure to read the rules is not an acceptable excuse, so please read them here to prevent any issues.

ii. Kinds of Draconiformes
Here on Dragons Haven, we have dragons in all sorts of forms.  From the usual western dragons to the exotic Amphipteres, there are many different species.  This here will show you the different types of dragons, along with certain limitations with each species.

iii. History of Nuira
Dragons used to freely roam the land, hunting, gather, and fighting each other for resources and mates. To some, it seemed unfair, and gathered in groups to protect one another from bigger creatures. Most of them were family groups, easily dying out before they had a chance to form a proper tribe. Eventually, that all changed. A dragon started up the Xoya tribe in hopes of being able to protect others while still getting a gain for themself. Most expected it to fall like every other 'tribe' created, but this one succeeded. Soon, more followed in their footsteps. Tribes rise and fell, only a strong few surviving. Even though they've been around for a few thousand years at the most, and a couple hundred at the least, things are still changing.

iv. Continental Information
There are three main continents in Dragons Haven, each with their own unique territory. They are: Layrian, Verula and Shveki.

Here you can find detailed maps, along with the noticeable features of each continent. You do not have to read this now, but it will provide ideas on where your character can hail from.

v. Tribal Summary
Over the course of time, many dragons came together to form tribes. These tribes each formed their own set of rules and governments. While each tribe may have special perks, there is no mandatory tribe a dragon has to go into.

Find the tribe that you wish to join, and as long as your character can meet the tribes requirements, if any, then make sure to fulfill them in your character application!  Tribes and information on them can be found here.

vi. Character Creation
Now that you have a general understanding of what dragons are available, and the tribes that populate the land, its time to make YOUR character!  Some things to note about making your character is to follow the guidelines and limits for each dragon species.  

In Dragons Haven, we don't want a bunch of overpowered dragons running around, while everyone else is weak and can't do anything about it. If your character is too strong it will get denied. The best way for this not to happen is to balance your character- give them some weaknesses and powers that can't topple over a mountain or create new life. Any ability that is power-playing or metagaming is not allowed, like future seeing, character control, ect.

While we're at it, you also don't want a dragon that is too good at things. Flaws make a character who they are. If you have a dragon without a fear, what's keeping them away from doing something? Everyone has their mistakes, and every dragon does too. A character without a flaw isn't a fun character.

Now, we all know every dragon is unique, and that is good! Some are really strong, some have flashy powers, others are just studious. We want to see and learn who your dragon is! Before you can go and hop into the great roleplays, however, make sure you fill out a character application. Two staff members will look it over and approve it, or ask for certain things to be explained, added or removed to make sure everyone is on a fair playing field, but do remember, they're there to help, even if they seem like they're personally attacking you. Don't get mad at them, they are just here to help you keep everything fair and fun.

So make your application here by copying the template and pasting your dragon's details in, then wait for staff to come take a look at it.

Note: If you don't want to finish it all at once, put a [WIP] in the title, and make the title your dragon's name, with maybe their rank.

vii. Combat Roleplay and Wars
Combat between characters is allowed, however no one may maim or kill another character without the characters permission.  In a combat roleplay, if someone ignores one of your attacks, it can be considered to be a direct hit. In the event that someone is dodging everything or power/metaplaying, a staff can be called in to supervise the fight. If you feel something is unfair, feel free to ask a staff for assistance. Once your character joins a topic, their powers are considered 'locked', meaning that you cannot add or change your powers for that topic in he event you redo your character sheet.

NPCs: In wars, NPCs will be considered a factor into a battle, however, each fight will be roleplayed by someone, and staff will oversee the war for fairness.  A war can be initiated at any time by any tribe, but it is a good idea to have plans beforehand just going to war.  In battles, If someone is caught trying to abuse that all fights are roleplayed by people (who can roleplay an NPC with tribe leader permission), like fighting 50 guards and beating em because you beat the 'one' guard roleplayed by someone, your character will be forced to retreat or forced capture.  Do note, the tribe leader or someone not signed can roleplay all 50 guards at once if they wish.  To join an existing war, there must be reason in context as to why that tribe would join a war. These can be from defensive pacts, alliances, to territory infringement.

Alliances: Allies work together in wars, trade, decisions, pretty much every important decision that could affect the other. Allies join wars with their other allies, so before warring, it is important to make sure your allies are ready, as if they aren't, this can cause bad relations. Alliances shouldn't be formed overnight, these take time to form.

Defensive Pacts: A defensive pact is where if the person you Kadence the pact with is attacked, you are required to join to defend them.  Do note, if the tribe you formed a pact with initiates conflicts, you are not required to assist them.  You are only required to assist if they are attacked.  Defensive pacts are easier to form than alliances, as you don't have to assist another tribe if they incite conflicts.

viii. Advice and Final Notes
We want Dragons Haven to be a safe, fun environment for all our members.  It is advised that you try and make good friends with everyone here!  Long lasting friendships can start from just meeting some people.  And don't be shy, everyone is here for fun and rp.  If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, no matter how petty or big, feel free to contact a staff member!  We don't bite that hard!  Staff list is here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between strengths and special abilities?
Strengths are more like characteristics about your dragon, how strong they are, how smart, how flexible, ect.  Special abilities are unique things that your dragon can do, like breathe a sleeping gas, generate electricity, breathe fire, ect. Simple as that. If you, however, have any more questions, feel free to contact the staff - they're there for a reason.

Who's the current Tribe Leader?
You can find that information here.

What are 'alts'?
Alts refer to alternate characters, meaning the characters one person controls. Yes, you are allowed to have multiple characters. We keep track of them here.

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