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Krin Dharsii (The eternally cursed Night fury)

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Krin Dharsii (The eternally cursed Night fury)

Post by Krin on Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:51 pm

Name: Krin Dharsii
Pronunciation: Krin Dhar-sii
Gender: Male
Type: Western
Species: Night Fury
Age: 350 years old (Age he was when he was cursed)
Date of Birth: January 15th
Personality: Krin is an interesting character, he is a dragon that has seen quite more than his fair share of the world and what its been like. Based from that he is a fun, kind, loving, friendly and caring dragon who is always willing to help out his friends and family. Even strangers he'll help out on occasion. However, he has been known to be a ruthless warrior and killer (who despite his disappearance from the world hundreds of years ago) retained his infamous status in the world from a combination of passed down legends of his deeds by word of mouth and in historical writings. despite his two faces he is a very calm dragon that does not get angry easily and is generally emotionless in battle.
Hobbies: Krin likes to sing whenever he gets a chance to, he's quite good at replicating voices and beats. He is very into sport fighting, by the likes of sparring and training.
Likes: 1. Fighting 2. Nature  3.Music
Dislikes: 1. Space  2. Bad food and drinks. 3.Dishonest dragons. (but he can tolerate them.)
Fears: Losing the people he loves the most and space.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: When Krin hatched Layrian did not exist as a continent or country, but faded information suggests it would be around the centre of Layrian.
Tribe: No tribe as of yet. So i'd say a neutral Rogue.
Position: No rank
Language: Universal
Home: Krin lives where ever he goes, finding little spots to spend the night, never staying in one place for more than two days at a time.
Parents: Has and Sai (Both Deceased)
Siblings: No recorded siblings.
Relatives: No recorded relatives.
Mate:He has had many, but they have all passed away.
Offspring: No children as his mates would pass away before that was possible.
History: His history is known to very extensive, but remains a mystery to those who do not know him.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 7 ft tall
Length: 16 ft long
Wingspan:16 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Krin has navy blue scales that would feel tender to the touch but could stop or protect him from most damage he can face in the world. He also has tribal markings that he can make change colour and disappear.
Eyes: greenish yellow.
Accessories, No, he doesn't like wearing extra, unnecessary items.
Armor: No, his scales are his armour.
Horns/Spikes: Krin does have a line of fin like spikes (just like toothless does in the end of the second HTTYD movie)
Overall Appearance:

Abilities and Strengths

1:(more of a curse than an ability) Constant age, Krin was cursed at 350 years old to never die from old age he can die via any means except that. This ability also provides him with healing abilities as well. But they take time based upon the level of damage.
2.Speed: His sheer speed is what helps him win most of his fights, he can also travel at great speed regardless of if he is running or flying.
3:Instant transmission (stolen from dragon ball the anime :) ) This ability allows him to teleport at any given time to anywhere he can find a aura or magic energy.
4:Peak physical fitness.
Strengths: 1. Speed, 2. skill, 3.powerful magic, 4.charming social skills,
Weaknesses: 1. strength, 2. Low limit on his ability to use magic, 3.Females, 4. friends, 5. Can be overly trusting at times.
Fighting Style: Krin is proficient in all aspects of combat have trained all his life and fought in more battles than he can remember, although he lacks brute strength. He uses his skill to provide hits that feel just as powerful as they would coming from a dragon twice his size.
Magic: Krin is capable of a wide range of magic and easily picks up new ones he comes across, as mentioned before he is limited in his ability to use magic for long periods of time. The only magic he has not figured out yet is blood magic.

Krin is also capable of an ancient, very unknown magic that allows him to detect the aura (magic energy and souls count too) of another dragon within 50 meters of himself, if he is around certain dragons (like family and close friends) long enough and connects with their aura his range can increase to extreme measures. This magic also provides him the ability to communicate telepathically with other dragons.

(Please do let me know if I need to fix or changed anything about him so that he is a fair character, I tried to balance him out the best I could.)

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