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Post by Sythrix on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:39 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Sythrix

Gender: Hermaphrodite, but simply goes with female.

Type: Western Dragon

Species: Oceanic Dragon Nymph

Age: 8

Date of Birth: July 11th

Personality: Quite the handful, even to her experienced caretakers, Syth is somewhat of a nightmare. While she has a complete and utter respect for the law and all enforcers of it (they’re both there to keep us safe, right?), she utterly detests being told what to do. She isn’t an idiot, of course. If she’s told not to go play in the reef filled with deadly animals, she won’t. But if she’s told something like… she’s not supposed to touch that piece of furniture or decoration, she will. Of course, being asked to do something is totally different. If a friend, her caretakers or a neighbour needs help with something and asks politely, she’ll happily help if she hasn’t got anything important to do.

In line with her rather… Mischievous nature, she adores having fun. While not usually, this may be at the expense of someone else. Fun activities usually include - Playing hide and seek in the forest, playing hide and seek on land, making her caretakers freak out, joking around with Vella and sunbathing (with breaks to rehydrate her skin and scales of course).

She’s also incredibly… unsure. Not shy towards new people (unless they have a high rank in a tribe), she will be unsure and untrusting of them unless given a reason to trust them. These reasons are many, and in the view of a hatchling, perfectly justified. Such things include them being fluffy (Vuari are fluffy, and Keira is a Vuari, so fluffies are friendly!), being a seahorse (she has trouble remembering the odd names other tribes have for healers, but they’re all nice. Right?), and being friends of any of her friends. Hugs and belly rubs also work.

Finally, her parents death. The event traumatised and damaged her severely, both mentally and physically.. Physically, there’s her wings. She detests people pointing out how frail and useless they look, and will often respond rudely, and then go away to cry, although she often knows they don’t know what happened. Her parents death itself, she will talk about, and often laughs about it. Underneath her laughing and smiles is a single thought. “I will find it. And kill it.” Whenever her parents are brought up, this single thought accompanies it. She has promised herself, and her parents, she will hunt down and murder the creature that killed them. This thinking has slowly, over time, spread to cover Vella and Keira. If anyone was to hurt or kill them, she would extract vengeance, either by killing them, or someone close to them. Morbid, and impossible for a hatchling, she knows quite a lot about deadly animals thanks to her mother and father’s teachings, and has little doubt she could slip someone a deadly toxin.

~Panicking her caretakers
~Exploring areas she isn’t supposed to
~Spending time with Keira and Vella
~Helping people when it doesn’t directly interfere with any of her first three hobbies

~The Vuari
~The Midnight Zone
~Squid, especially of the giant variety (for eating, of course)
~Spending time with Keira
~Seeing Vella
~Floating on the surface of the ocean during calmer days and sunbathing

~Having to talk about her feelings
~Being forbidden from doing something
~Large (upwards of 50 feet) dragons
~Overly ‘spiky’ dragons, and dragons that have retractable / otherwise moveable spines

~Aquatic Wyrms
~Sharp, needle-like objects, spines, spikes, (a few is fine, a dragon covered in them, nope)
~Losing Keira or Vella, either physically or mentally
~Losing the ability to breath underwater + Suffocation
~The mere thought that Vella and Keira will become really good friends and not like her anymore, leaving her with a broken heart and no friends ;_;

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Somewhere in the Iceilo Sea

Tribe: Lakara

Position: Fry

Language: Can understand and talk in both Universal and Aquatic, but is slightly better in Universal (Caretakers + School teaching).

Home: A cave with her caretakers

Parents: Dead, now has two caretakers

Siblings: None, but likes to call Keira her sister

Relatives: None

Mate: No

Offspring: None

History: Sythrix lived a highly uneventful life, until sometime just after her third birthday. Against her parents wishes, she travelled to the surface (as they lived just off of the coast, in the Iceilo Sea). During this visit, she met Keira for the first time, who would stay a firm friend. Visiting her new friend several times a week, she terrorized her parents, who would often go out hunting or working (her father a sailfish, her mother a seal), only to return and and find her nowhere to be found. Eventually, after this happened many times, she brokered a deal, at the young age of 5. She was allowed to visit Keira whenever she wanted, as long as she was always home before sundown. Eagerly agreeing, she kept to this for close to a year, before it went wrong. A feral aquatic wyrm, covered in huge numbers of spines and spikes, ambushed her on her way home one evening. Chased, she eventually took refuge in a small reef, in a small cave, nothing more than a crack in the ground really. Pinned there for hours, she eventually heard her parents calling from far in the distance. Attempting to warn them as they attracted the Wyrm’s attention, she found her screaming in terror had caused her to lose her voice, at least for the time. Unable to do anything,she watched as her parents were ambushed. While it was two trained and strong dragons against a single, malnourished and brutal attacker, the wyrm began to take the upper hand, as he simply battered against the both, stabbing them multiple times. Eventually, as the water cleared, and Syth climbed from her hiding spot, she saw her father’s corpse, floating in the water, while her mother’s and the ‘corpse’ of the wyrm were nowhere to be seen. Traumatised, she floated there, attached to her father’s body for hours, until another sailfish, early in the morning, found her. She was eventually placed into foster care, in an emotionally dead state, little more than a vegetable. It was in this emotional low point where she met Vella, whom she would form a strong emotional attachment with. With her help, she slowly began to return to something resembling her former fun loving and mischievous self. With her support and friendship, she eventually began to return to the surface, against her caretakers wishes, and after many months, found Keira again. She now spends the majority of her time between her two friends and schooling, learning to speak better Universal so she can talk to Keira better.  

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 6 ½ feet.

Length: 15 feet

Wingspan: 30 feet

Scale/Fur/Feathers: A light seafoam green

Eyes: Gold

Accessories: None

Armor: None

Horns/Spikes: None

Overall Appearance: Sythrix is covered in millions of tiny, perfectly inter-locking scales, in quite the same way as a shark is. This gives the impression that she is scaleless, requiring a close up inspection to realise she isn’t. Rather unadorned, she has a single, long frill, starting at the back of her skull and running down to about halfway down her tail, held up by small silver spikes every few inches, the frill itself a transparent light aqua. On both sides of her frill, parallel to it, are two glowing lines. Like many Lakara, she uses them to speak Aquatic, but due to her young age they have a habit of changing colors without her input, like turning red when she’s embarrassed, etc.. Her most striking and sometimes called, ‘beautiful’ feature, is her wings. Useless in flight, due to their transparent, light and fragile nature, as well as thanks to a myriad of punctures and slashes, sustained her escape from the Wyrm (oddly enough never having healed, leading to the suspicion that he had some sort of toxin or poison laced spines), they trail behind her while swimming. Almost completely transparent, underwater they reflect and refract light, causing sections of her wings to appear different colours, as if they were stained following in her wake.

Abilities and Strengths

Sythrix’s scales can raise and lower a small amount, usually instinctively while swimming to provide precise control and additional speed and braking power. These scales can also be consciously controlled, in say, low temperature conditions, to trap many small pockets of air against her skin, and to provide a good measure of resistance against it.

Sythrix has a small organ, connected directly to her heart, which produces and sustains a safe level of antifreeze in her bloodstream. Extremely potent, even in small amounts, this makes her almost immune to natural cold temperatures, assuming she is exposed to a gradual decline in temperatures. If the temperature were to drop from 0 C to -10 C in an hour, she could make do pretty well, with only minimal pains and stiffness, while if it dropped from 0 C to -10 C in mere minutes, she would still freeze to death, if the shock didn’t kill her outright. In this same vein, artificial cold (a Kaamil’s ice-breath for instance) would still inflict shocking damage, more so than usual thanks to her body’s lack of defense against sudden temperature changes.

She can also blow bubbles, of two different types. The first are… bubbles. Literally bubbles. Most less than a few inches in diameter, when they pop they leave behind a small amount of pure water residue. It should also be noted these bubbles are surprisingly tough. They can be softly touched, and even caught, although batting at one of poking it will easily pop it.

The second type of bubble is the fun one. Much larger than the first, the largest she has blown was just over 32 feet in diametre. From the outside, these bubbles seem normal, but what happens inside is the good part. Firstly, the ‘skin’ of these bubbles is extremely tough, able to withstand numerous punctures and ‘healing’ at an incredible rate, almost unpoppable. This ‘skin’ also carries several unique properties, often attributed to some innate magical ability of Syth’s. Firstly, when a living being is placed inside / places their head inside, the bubble will conform to cover them, about an inch from their skin. Secondly, When submerged underwater, the skin acts as external gills, filtering out oxygen from the water, allowing land animals to breathe underwater. Thirdly, when above water, the skin draws marginally more water from the air, quiet literally flooding the bubble, causing it to fill with water. This can be used to both disorientate attackers and help those Lakara who have trouble breathing above land, or prefer gills to lungs As a side-note, if this bubble is summoned on herself, it also benefits from the anti-freeze in her veins.

The larger bubbles, once placed around / on someone, can simply be popped by the person thinking of a bubble and them popping it, or not exhaling / inhaling within 10 seconds. The smaller bubbles, and the larger without being bound to someone, last for one post, while the larger when bound to someone last for 2-3 hours, decreasing at the bubble has to repair itself. A maximum of 4 of her larger bubbles can be made within a 24 hour period, with a minimum 30 minutes between the creation of each, and a limit of 2 spawned at once.

~Smol. She can fit into and hide in places that a larger dragon simply could not reach her.
~She’s just a cute little hatchling. While it doesn’t work on everyone, most give second thought to attacking or hurting one.
~Exceptionally fluid in the water. This combined with her size make her a nightmare to catch, especially in her favourite place - Kelp forests
~Great natural cold resistance. Able to survive even in the tunnels of the Vuari for several hours at a time (which is good because Keira is HORRIBLE at seeking).

~Vella and Keira. If someone was to threaten / capture one of them, god forbid both, she would do anything to make sure they are safe, including ending her own life, if such a drastic measure was needed.
~Heat. Anything about 20 C will cause Syth to slow down and become lethargic. No serious damage is caused by these warmer temperatures until around 35 C, at which point she would fall unconscious, and a further hour after this would die as her organs cook.
~Direct sunlight. While not as badly affected as some other Lakara, continued subjection to strong sunlight (30+ minutes) will cause her scales and skin to dry out, causing immense pain and skin damage, as well as drastically reducing her stamina and reaction time.
~Smol. If her hiding doesn’t work, she can’t fight back, especially against much larger opponents.
~Land. One land, she’s quite clumsy, and the fastest she can move without fear of tripping over her own feet or tail is about 15 mph.  
~She can’t fly. Her wings are too… wispy to be of any use in the air. They do look beautiful trailing behind her as she swims though.
~Additionally, her wings are EXTREMELY sensitive pain and heat. They are quite literally just nerves.
~Dares. Dare her to do something, especially a little dangerous, and she’ll feel as if she HAS to do it.

Fighting Style: Run and hide. If that doesn’t work, or she can’t, try to summon her bubble over her attackers head. While they are disoriented, try to run away. Again.

Magic: Probably. I don’t know. Give her a few years and a teacher, and she might be able to.

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Re: Sythrix

Post by Oculus on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:17 pm

~1/2 Approved~

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Re: Sythrix

Post by Owner on Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:42 pm

The only question I have is about her bubbles, how many posts do they last for by themselves and with someone in them?


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Re: Sythrix

Post by Sythrix on Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:00 pm


Used a length of time rather than posts for the larger bound bubbles, given their use and purpose. Just seems like it makes more sense.


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Re: Sythrix

Post by Owner on Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:11 am



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Re: Sythrix

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