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Shimmer the three-headed hydra (WIP)

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Shimmer the three-headed hydra (WIP)

Post by Shimmer on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:46 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: The dragon themselves, is Shimmer. Each head has their own name, Left is Glitter, middle is Glimmer, and right is Glisten.
Gender: All three are female, although Glisten /sounds/ male.
Type: Hydra
Species: i dont know
Age: 1166
Date of Birth: August 22nd.
>Boastful- If Glitter were to do something on her own without the help of her friends, she will go around, bragging about how she did it perfectly on her own.
>Perfectionist- Glitter disagrees with anything that isn’t styled the way she wants it, but leaves it alone since she knows it’s not her stuff.
>Narcissistic- After seeing herself in water’s reflection a few hundred times, Glitter thinks she is beautiful, and will try to brag about it.
>Flirty- Glitter tries to get on anyone’s good side, and if she takes appeal to them, she will show it.

>Shy- Because she is blind, she has to rely on her sisters to direct her or warn her of other dragons.
>Trustful- If her sisters aren’t immediately telling her to run, Glimmer trusts them automatically.
>Kind- She tries to defend anyone from her sister’s yelling, and she is nice to most people.

>Mean- Glisten bites anyone’s head off (metaphorically) if her sisters aren’t in control.
>Anti Social- Glisten doesn’t really like talking to people anyway, even if her sisters are in control.
>Argumentative- She doesn’t like being wrong, and will argue her point of view to anyone.
> Glisten is usually the first to start something whether it be an argument or an actual fight.

Likes: (What does your character enjoy? At least 3)
Dislikes: (Is there anything your character dislikes? At least 3)
Fears: All three; Monophobia (The fear of being alone)/Gamophobia (The fear of Commitment)
Glitter: Allodoxaphobia – The fear of opinions. Glitter is afraid that their opinion will be correct, and she doesn’t like being wrong. Basiphobia- The fear of falling. Glitter hates it when Glisten is controlling the wings, as shes scared they’ll crash.
Glisten: Atychiphobia- The fear of Failure. Glisten takes it as if when she loses a fight and the others have to come in, she thinks she failed them. Thanatophobia- The fear of death itself. If she dies, the other heads might not, and she’ll be alone.
Glimmer: Anthrophobia- The fear of people, due to her shy nature. Astraphobia- The fear of thunder. Due to Glimmer being blind, any loud noises startle her, especially thunder.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Unknown, most likely somewhere in Shveki.
Tribe: Xoya
Position: Schützen
Language: Universal, can also speak Xoyan
Home: In a cave in Shveki, not anywhere special.
Parents: ??
Siblings: pff no
Relatives: nope
Mate: you’re silly
Offspring: glisten hates kids lmao
History: Shimmer was born into the Xoya tribe, being an only child. When her parents found out that Glimmer was blind, they attempted to kill her, but the other two did not let them. Shimmer was slowly taught how to fight, at the same time she was still learning who controlled what. After Shimmer could fend for herself and knew how to walk and such, her parents left her, and she hasn’t seen them since. She grew up a slightly lonely life, besides having each others’ company. They grew up learning they couldn’t be without each other, even if they tried. Due to Glisten’s rude nature, and Glimmer’s shyness, the hydra didn’t make many friends.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 132 ft
Length: 241 ft
Wingspan: 275
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Most of her scales are a grayish purple colors. The parts they control have hints of their scales. Glimmer’s head is blue, and their legs have hints of blue. Glisten’s head is a reddish gray, and their wings’ membrane fades from purple to red. Glitter’s head is purple, and their tail has purple strewn through it.
Eyes: Glitter’s eyes are a indigoish color, Glimmers are a glazed over blue, and Glistens are red.
Accessories: Nope
Armor: not really, has steel armor that she never uses.
Horns/Spikes: Glisten has spikes on the back of her head and running down her neck.
Overall Appearance:
(No credit needed, i drew this myself)

Abilities and Strengths

>Due to Glimmer’s blindness, the hydra learned that they could send brain signals to each other as warnings.
>Although it doesnt help in battle, you can tell who is in control. The different colored patches on their body indicating who controls what can change
Strengths: >Larger- Shimmer as a whole is a lot larger than most other dragons. She has a size advantage with younger/smaller dragons.
>Two Perspectives-
Weaknesses: >Shimmer is blind, so they have to constantly make sure she knows what shes doing.
Fighting Style: When it comes to fighting, Glisten usually takes control.
Magic: no


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