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Salmon Skies and Scarlet Wounds (Open!)

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Salmon Skies and Scarlet Wounds (Open!)

Post by Athena on Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:08 am

It was a beautiful evening. The distant Shveki mountains reached for the sky, jagged peaks tearing holds in the thick clouds like talons through paper. The sun shyly peered out from behind the distant cliffs, casting light over the salmon sky. There had been heavy rainfall earlier, so the leaves glistened like dewdrops,the light breeze that moved through the air causing the canopy to sway, as if it were dancing to a slow rhythm. It was picturesque, a sight fit for a painting. Would make quite the art piece, that, she thought as she moved through the air.

Viddera's day just wasn't going well for her.

Her wings flapped a steady beat, pushing the air down and around her to keep her in the air. Every few moments, her tired, ghostly eyes travelled to a spot over her shoulder, fixing upon the distant horizon with a wary expression. When there was no one else around, she allowed herself to be fearful, to be paranoid of had what taken place just fifteen minutes before. Where there was hide, the muscle gleamed with sweat. Her talons were still clenched. Her tail twitched madly as it floated out behind her, still waiting for a chance to be lashed.

The most obvious symptom, of course, were her injuries.

A scar lacerated her shoulder, whilst another wound marred her cheek. Thick, crimson teardrops raced down her neck, leaving scarlet stains against the dark scales. A chunk was taken out of her haunch. That was bleeding the most profusely, vomiting the clean red substance down her leg. Her talons too, were coloured crimson, but that wasn't her blood.

The metallic stench stained her teeth and her breath. She wanted to gag, but refrained from doing so. It would be a sign of being squeamish, of being weak. Which she was not. She was a strong Spion, who wished to be a Skygerr. The smell of gore came with the package. Still, a gentle voice inside her head reminded her. It's rather unpleasant. Just wash your mouth out when you spot a river.

For it was still a while to the Xoyans.


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