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The Drift of Light (Neru and Fel)

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The Drift of Light (Neru and Fel)

Post by Neru on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:35 pm

Dawn's ever reaching fingers had barely brushed the horizon of the Etcan mountains when Neru gained sight of her home. Each of the mountain peaks were so familiar it was near painful to look at; even so, the air felt lighter now that her journey was nearing its end. She'd been flying for the better part of a full day at this point, her wings ached to rest for even just a moment. Her S'thane, so long away from her, felt heavy on her skull, weighed down with the trouble it had wrought. Internally, Neru vowed never to lose it again.

Five years. It'd been five years since she'd seen her home, and each year felt longer than the centuries during which Neru had lived.

The wind buffeted her with a half-hearted force as she passed by Dufourspitz. Her scales shimmered slightly as she watched the stone faces of the peak, ready to hide from any who happened to be about. It wasn't that she didn't want to be seen by her tribe. It was the opposite, in fact. She was eager to see everybody again. However, there was one dragon, in particular, she needed to see first. So Neru swept by the home mountain of the Vuari with barely a backward glance. Her heart clenched in her chest, fraught with nerves and excitement and fear and so many other emotions she had no hope of ever entangling all of them free.

Oblique, and by extension Kuwan, both looked just as old as they always had. It wasn't surprising. Both were old enough that her time in absence was likely no more than a blink of an eye from their perspectives if they'd had any. The polished stone of the temple's floors clicked softly under her wingclaws as she landed, the pads of her feet soundless by comparison. Her nostrils flared as she took a moment to pant in exhaustion, her tail flopping uselessly now that it wasn't needed as a rudder. The breaths brought the scents of the temple straight to her brain, and one scent, in particular, had tears rushing to prick at the backs of her eyes.

"Fel?" she whimpered in a pathetic sound that traveled no farther than the span of her wings. The Sage was here, that much was plain, and Neru followed the scent down the center of the temple, stopping in front of the door that led to Feluxious' quarters. Technically, she wasn't supposed to enter. It was one of the rules that had been drilled into her since a young age. The temple was sacred, and even more so was the space of the Sage that kept it. Even so, she pushed the door inward, the only betrayal of her discomfort with doing so the downturn of her ear flaps against her neck. The scent was stronger here, leading Neru fully into the room. The door nearly slammed behind her, stopped only by a quick flick of the tail between it and the doorframe, softening the force before it shut. It plunged the room into twilight save the blue din of her scales and Neru blinked rapidly, waiting for her eyes to adjust.

It took only a few seconds before they'd gotten to the point where she could see Feluxious, curled up in the sleeping space. The Sage seemed to be asleep. Carefully, Neru made her way forward, each click of a wingclaw against the stone sounding like a gunshot against ice. The nebula wyvern chirped softly in greeting, lowering her head close to the ground in a preemptive apology. "Fel?" she asked again, little more power to her voice now than there had been before.

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Re: The Drift of Light (Neru and Fel)

Post by Feluxious on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:22 am

Another day passed by, another sleepless night gone by. Feluxious was tired of the same result every night. She lay there, in a half delirious state, the torch she had lit to dissuade her nyctophobia having only recently gone out. Her lust after a full rest outweighed her impulse to light one anew, so there she lay, just like any other night.

And just like any other night, she dismissed the strange sounds coming from the shrine outside her quarter. The wind was a fickle thing and nothing of value was kept here for an intruder to find. It wasn't until the door to her chamber sounded that she froze. There was someone, something there. And then she heard that familiar, haunting voice. "Fel?" It asked her,  sending mixed longing, fear, and rage in to her soul. She slowly turned to gaze upon the figure, her body wracked with exhaustion. There she saw the old chieftan, Neru, standing before her. Her dearest friend, who had been gone for years. Her eyes widened.

"No... no no no no not again...!"

She recoiled, panic in her voice, her head shaking violently as she backed up to the corner of the room. "you're not real! You're dead and gone! How long must you remain haunting me before you leave me alone‽ How many times must I watch you die?" She cried, tears forming in her eyes as she conjured a giant bolder above Neru, as large as the room would allow. "I thought I finally found an herb that worked... I thought this was over... but it's clear that it's not. Goodbye Neru. Please, please don't keep breaking my heart..." She muttered, flinging her creation at full force at Neru, hoping to dispel the illusion.


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Re: The Drift of Light (Neru and Fel)

Post by Neru on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:44 am

Anger and confusion were the emotions Neru'd been expecting. They were the most logical, after all. Plus, she knew full and well she deserved both of them. Fate had probably told the tribe somewhat where she was going, but that explanation wouldn't pass well for five years. And especially not for her...

Friend, Neru supposed.

From Fel's side, she'd left, no goodbye, no explanation, no notification that she hadn't died. And Neru knew that an apology was nowhere near enough to cover it, but it was all she could offer at the moment.

Despite all of that, Neru hadn't expected Feluxious to react with fear. However, the scent drifting through the air suddenly grew sour with it. Neru met her eyes when she turned. A craze seemed to cover her eyes, pulling at whatever latent instinct controlled Neru's concept of fight or flight. They widened even as  Fel looked at her, and the wyvern made to speak, to placate, to something, but she was beaten to it, drowned out by babbles of panic. Shock kept her frozen for a moment, simply watching as Fel backed herself to a wall. It wasn't until the boulder appeared that Neru finally gained control of her limbs. "Feluxious!" she cried, crouching away from the object. Logically, she knew it was an illusion, that Feluxious hadn't ever had the power to spontaneously bring boulders into existence. Instinctually, however, the urge to run gripped her limbs.

Neru gave in to the urge, though instead of running away, she darted forward as quickly as she could, closing her eyes as she darted through the boulder. It crashed beyond her, making no sound. In a bout of impulsivity she leapt at Feluxious. Her paw pads slipped on the smooth stone, and she crashed into the Sage's side, flanks twitching with adrenaline.

"I'm real," she promised, poking gently at Fel with her wingclaws, as if the poke of a sharp point would wake her. "I'm real, Fel, not an illusion."

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Re: The Drift of Light (Neru and Fel)

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