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Ink (is creepy) (DONE!)

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Ink (is creepy) (DONE!)

Post by Ink on Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:52 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Ink
Gender: Male.
Type: Western Dragon.
Species: Shadow gold dragon.
Age: Probably somewhere in his twenties, although he isn't quite sure. (29)
"If you really want to know, then I suggest cutting off my leg and counting the rings. AHAHAHAHA."
Date of Birth: Again, he doesn't really know. (April 6th.)
"That's a creepy thing to ask... SURELY there are better ways to find out someone's private information."
Ink is creepy and shadowy, rarely is he without a dark joke or creepy one liner. He enjoys freaking people out, and finds it funny when those around him twitch in discomfort or flinch when he speaks to them. He is very sociable and loves a conversation, although he isn't the kind of dragon you could call friendly. He has a tendency to invade other dragon's personal space, and always stares a little too intently at those who are speaking to. He also has a slight habit of sneaking up on those he wishes to speak to. Ink is also very intelligent, and tends to know many things, perhaps more than he should... (Ink is totally the kind of dragon who would find out all your personal information before speaking to you).
"I don't bite... normally."
Hobbies: He loves reading and writing. Gathering knowledge is something he enjoys immensely. He also likes going for flights in the evening.
Likes: Reading, making others feel uncomfortable or creeped out, darkness, gold, silver, writing, quiet evenings in his home or in his library.
Dislikes: Bright lights, the cold, failing to make someone feel discomfort, forgetting things, loosing his books, having other people ruin his books with stains or tears, hatchlings.
Fears: Being the one who is afraid, being treated the way he treats everyone else, basically. He also fears getting into a fight, as he cannot fight at all.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: He isn't quite clear on them, but it was around the eastern bank of the Jade River, near Vuari territory.
Tribe: Rogue.
Position: None, although he likes to think of himself as some kind of scholar.
Language: Universal and Arretiz, although he can read and write in Xoyan.
Home: He lives on a small, banana shaped island in the Regima ocean near the coast. He has a relatively large home that looks like a miniature castle. It is home to a very large library, which houses thousands of books. He still hasn't read them all.
Parents: Unknown, (deceased.)
Siblings: Unknown. (No.)
Relatives: Nope.
Mate: Open!
Offspring: Nope.
"Ugh, stuff the little newts in a crate and hurl them into the sea! The little brats deserve it..."

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 25 feet tall.
Length: 78 feet long.
Wingspan: 81 feet long.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Black and gold circular scales of varying sizes. Silver and gold underbelly.
"It's not real gold or silver. Skinning me won't add to your wealth. Unless you sell the coat. AHAHAHAHA."
Eyes: Silver eyes with gold pupils.
Accessories: He has a gold necklace with a chunk of silver embedded in it and a silver bracelet. Ink also has two diamond earrings in each of his ears.
Armor: Nope.
"Why would I need armor? My books haven't killed me yet. I wonder how easy it would be to kill someone with a book... don't worry, I'll make sure the burial runs smoothly..."
Horns/Spikes: He has two straight, semi-long gold horns that extend from behind his eyes. A third, smaller, curved horn extends from above his nostrils, on the top of his snout.
Overall Appearance: Ink is a thin, black dragon with a long tail and shiny black scales. Wisps of gold and silver are scattered across his hide. His flesh and the inside of his mouth are a bright red, and his tri-forked tongue fades to a purple tip. He always looks like he's about to stab you in the back, and is normally smiling.
"Aren't I gorgeous? Perhaps someone should hang my scales on a wall when I die? Wouldn't that be lovely...?"

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: He can spit about 5 ounces of black ink out of his mouth. It's good for writing, but not much else.
"My ink is very useful, I have used it to write several books. The rest are written in blood. Just kidding! As far as you know..."
Strengths: Ink is very smart, which can help him get out of tricky situations. If he feels like it. So maybe not. He also has surprisingly good reflexes for someone who has never trained for combat in their life.
Weaknesses: Ink isn't a very good fighter. He has almost no skills in combat and can be easily beaten. Also, he tends to annoy or spook the wrong people, and will never ask for help, sometimes causing him to bite off more than he can chew, and then never receiving aid when he needs it.
"What do you mean... weaknesses? I'm too wondrous for them to matter..."
Fighting Style: He always starts out a fight by spitting ink in his opponents eyes to blind them. Then he either flees or injuries them as quickly as possible.
Magic: None.


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Re: Ink (is creepy) (DONE!)

Post by Owner on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:09 am

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Re: Ink (is creepy) (DONE!)

Post by Oculus on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:23 am

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Re: Ink (is creepy) (DONE!)

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