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Zollyunis, The Life Giver

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Zollyunis, The Life Giver  - Page 2 Empty Zollyunis, The Life Giver

Post by Whispering Soul on Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:37 pm

First topic message reminder :

Personality and the Basics

Name:Zollyunis Mauk (Zolly)
Type: Blood Razer (Also known as Vampire Dragons)
Species: Wyvern
Date of Birth:Unknown
Personality:Ever since birth, Zolly has and still threads weaves of lies around her, keeping herself locked in a cocoon of distrust. She cares for young dragons, but disregards any dragon older than her, she hates the sayings of respecting others. Zolly has always believed that others should earn her respect, not be given it blindly, but when they disregard her honor, they are merely ghosts to her. Zolly is not without her flaws, she has a streak of violence in her, and gets angry easily. She knows what she does is bad, but she doesn't think she is a bad guy. She is tender about her past, refusing to talk about it to anyone.
Hobbies: Carving stones, practicing magic.
Likes: Storm Dancing, eavesdropping, creating golems, seeding lies.
Dislikes:Climbing, Ice, sand.
Fears:Afraid of being trapped, Choking & Suffocating, drowning, deep water.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:Unknown.
Languages:Universal, Urisa, Kenarun
Home:A hidden cave system that runs under multiple tribes. Hidden entrances litter the territories of the tribes (Kaamil, Vuari, Stormcallers).
Mate: Ombass [Deceased]
Offspring: Mombita [Deceased], Osari [Deceased], Ersi [Deceased]
Abandoned at a young age, Zolly has lived on her own for her whole life. She survived by stealing and lying and still continues to. Zolly has an excellent affinity for blood magic, even from a young age. But without blood, she could not cast. At the age of 558, she began to dig out a long series of tunnels running under the tribes, mostly to steal food and supplies, but recently to spy and kill. Zolly has never really cared for the health of others, and will, on occasion get a request to make a certain dragon, "disappear.". Zolly has always loved the thrill of drinking blood, a little sadistic to others, but to her, fresh blood of a slain dragon keeps her alive. As a razor sharp winged blood drinker, she tends to hunt at night. Mostly feeding on livestock and wild animals. In the deepest part of her caves she keeps the bones of her kills, sometimes making them into her "puppets", magical manifested creatures that follow her orders. Sometimes she has them hunt for her. Currently she spies on the tribes, selling information for "favors". On one of her "hunts" she met a green dragon named Ombass. Since she had recently fed, she decided to not kill the dragon, but to befriend him. She came to know that he was a as skilled as her, and not afraid of her lifestyle. Eventually he came to live with her in her cave and they had dragonlings. Their life was pretty good until Ombass was killed on a hunt.Weakened by depression and loss of food, she didn’t have the strength to feed her dragonlings. She couldn’t feed them the blood of other animals, it wouldn’t keep them alive long enough. She lost each of her chicks to starvation, one after one. She kept their bodies in her caves, searching desperately for a way to bring them back from the grips of death. 

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Scale/Fur/Feathers:Black sharp scales (Turn white in light), and jagged irony spines.
Eyes:Blood Red that darkens when she has fed more, and with tiny slitted black pupils.
Accessories:Various necklaces and bracelets and tail bands with small skulls, gems, and feathers attached to them, she uses these for her casting.
Horns/Spikes:One long black center horn and two horns that curve upwards. Her spines are made of iron, and she has a poisonous barb on her tail.
Overall Appearance:
Zolly is rather small for her species most averaging at 95 ft of height, and her back is covered in small scars from previous battles. There is a Stripe that crosses her face from her center horn, and another that crosses her eyes, creating a cross-like image on her face. Her wings are larger than her body due to the sharp spikes lining them. When her wings are open, they look to be covered in sharp irony feathers. She also has a set of long retractable fangs, which have left identical scars on both sides of the bottom of her jaws.

Abilities and Strengths

Chilling Grasp Due to her extremely cold body heat, her touch can freeze water within seconds and is shocking to the touch.

Air Cut Zolly's wings disrupt air flow behind her, making it harder to follow her close behind in the air. This also makes it easier for her to fly in harsh weather, since each of her "feathers" shift to ease her flight.

Razor Wings Zolly attacks mainly with her wings. Her "feathers" are as sharp as forged iron, and are jagged and pointed. These points leave her enemies with jagged cuts whenever she attacks with them.


Agile Due to her size, Zolly is extremely quick.

Night Vision Being mostly nocturnal, Zolly has good night eyesight.

Paralyzing Touch After feeding, Zolly's body chills to an almost paralyzing temperature. Able to shock a similary sized dragon and give them Cold shock, possibly giving them Hypothermia.

Strength After feeding, she as strong as three dragons twice her size 


Blood Curse:
Due to an ancient wrong done by her rare species, she has to survive of the life force of others. If she has not fed on blood at least three times in a week, she will become increasing weaker and warmer. Her magic will also not work as well. She must consume the blood of dragons, or she will become sick and die.


Her small size makes it easy to trap or pin her down.

Sunlight Weakness:

Being exposed to direct sunlight for more than twenty minutes makes her skin begin to burn. She can't look at bright light directly either.

Running Water:

Running water acts like a barrier they can't cross, though this might be circumvented by making others transport them.

Silver Powder:
Powdered silver burns like acid when a Blood Razer touches it. It is often used as a deterrent to them.

Blood Sword:

Swords forged in dragon's blood - An implement, such as a sword, forged in dragon's blood can kill Blood Razer dragons almost immediately.

Young Dragons:

Young dragons remind her of her lost chicks. Making her very angry and unpredictable.

Fighting Style: She prefers to attack from her underground tunnels, subdue her foe and then drag them into her maze of tunnels. If she has to fight, she while mainly defend her self and attack with her wings.

Healing Magic 

(Healing minor injuries, two times to a post, ( Healing major injuries, once a topic)

Zolly knows some voodoo magic, and knows how to use most of it. (She can only use voodoo magic twice a topic.)-Described below-

Blood Maledict: 

If an enemy who is not immune to blindness is within 60 feet, Zolly can cast a magical blindness on the enemy, making them blind to around 10 to 25 seconds depending on how much Zollyunis has fed in the recent time. She uses blood to cast this, and must be able to see the target, it is possibly to dodge this spell if the creature moves quick enough.

Blood Curse of the Marked:

Using blood from an enemy, Zolly can mark an enemy within 60 feet. Until the end the duration (30 min or 5 posts) or the mark is destroyed by a dispelling magic ability or disfiguring the mark, the exact location of the creature is always shown to her. (The mark is of a eye)
Zolly needs to attack the creature to mark it.

Summon Puppet:
Using the remains of a creature or stone/clay, Zolly can morph the material into a beastial puppet under her control. She can have one large puppet (16ft), or four small ones(4 to 8ft). They last until she destroys them or they are destroyed. They require a piece of organic material to form.

Circle of Hiding:

If Zolly creates a circle of blood or a red petaled plant, she can hide a certain area from view(40ft by 30ft areas only). She uses this spell to hide her tunnel entrances.

Disguise Self:

Using the skull of a small bird, Zolly can make herself look like some other dragon. She cannot make herself smaller or larger, and the disguise is hard to see through. Only water or a dispelling magic ability can break the disguise. She can only make herself look like another dragon for a few hours (Half-topic) Breaking, removing, or obliterating the skull will end the effect.

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Zollyunis, The Life Giver  - Page 2 Empty Re: Zollyunis, The Life Giver

Post by Whispering Soul on Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:28 pm

okay did it
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Zollyunis, The Life Giver  - Page 2 Empty Re: Zollyunis, The Life Giver

Post by Artemise on Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:31 am

2/2 Approved.

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Zollyunis, The Life Giver  - Page 2 Empty Re: Zollyunis, The Life Giver

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