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Snowbell the Snowball

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Snowbell the Snowball

Post by Snowbell on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:27 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Snowbell
Gender: Female
Type: Western dragon
Species: Common Snow dragon
Age: 4
Date of Birth: 23rd of September
Personality: Snowbell is a very mature dragonet who is full of innocence and curiously like any other hatchlings/dragonets would be. She is independent because of her natural dragon instincts she'd trusted with is how she is still alive after 4 years later on. At first impressions, she may look like a young and very shy dragoness who stares blankly at you like if she was trying to figure out if you is friendly or not, then the next time you met her, she gets really enthusiastic and inquisitive around you as well as showing off a little dance which happens rarely. Above is how much she is curious over everything, including stuff she have a distaste for, and so she often annoys those who doesn't like to constantly answering her questions about what they do and where they came from etc. The downside to being a mature dragonet is that she get emotional more easily than the other dragonets her age but with that, she's learning to be more and more resilient though she still can have emotional breakdowns now and then.
Above all, Snowbell is very caring and loyal to her friends that she have known for a long time and sometimes she can make sarcastic comments around them.
~Drawing/Writing on anything she can find
~Hunting/'training' for the sake of survival
~Stalking any other dragons because she gets curious of them
~Singing as it is one of her natural instinct
~Drawing/Writing, they are a great way to pass the time and it is definitely something that Snowbell can procrastinate on.
~Being around with dragons she knows, Snowbell has been really lonely for quite a few years so once she got around to knowing someone, she certainly will come back for their company.
~Rocks, any kind, someone's dedicated...
~Seafood, her favourite food though she haven't tried it for ages but she remembers that the last time she had last tried it, it was delicious.
~Having to put up with pity parties, Snowbell doesn't want to hear things about how they are failures and will get through life and such, she will tell messages to urge them to never give up. In other times, she gets frustrated.
~Mirco animals etc. insects and spiders, Snowbell finds those creepy because of how small they are and yet moves like other creatures could but she is curious about them.
~Ignorance/Arrogance, it irritates Snowbell whenever someone ignores her words like if she was talking to a non-existent lump of snow. Same goes to someone who thinks so highly to themselves (and do it so often) and that somehow annoys Snowbell so much.
~Anyone touching her back right leg, it makes her uncomfortable and feel insecure.
~Big, black and intimidating dragons, nope, they want to kill you, run away!
~Being held captive, Snowbell doesn't want to experience that again!

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Somewhere in Icello region
Tribe: rogue
Position: N/A
Language: Universal, she may know some wolf and whale language (If that's allowed)
Home: In Shveki Mountains
Parents: Decreased before she got to meet them
Siblings: None that she know of
Relatives: None that she know of
Mate: Too young
Offspring: (Oh yeah, I have been alive since my son was a baby, like me, heehee) Ahem, no
History: She rather not reveal it but it has to do with the Xoya just for your information.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 2'6' feet
Length: 5'4' feet
Wingspan: 10'1' feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Snowbell has some amount of fur on her, the most significant is located on her back between her wings and a fur tuft on her tail tip that's probably as large as her head. White/silver long fur with sky blue tips (also known as hair) runs down her back of her neck starting from the top of her forehead. The rest scales.
Eyes: Glimmering Cyan
Accessories: N/A
Armor: N/A
Horns/Spikes: Snowbell only have a pair of curved horns that is located on her forehead. Like the rest of her body, it is white with sky blue tips.
Overall Appearance: Snowbell is a white dragonet with small patches of sky blue scattered everywhere on her body. She has small ears located under her horns (Like in the profile, bat-like wings except with the membrane connected to her hips instead of her legs (as bats usually have), like a regular dragon wings. The most significant part of her is her splayed back right leg, it seems to be twisted outwards from the body and is also slightly pinkish red from the rest. She can put pressure on this leg (though sometimes it hurts her) and she walks and sit/lay down really awkwardly to others who doesn't have the same injury.

Abilities and Strengths

~Singing/humming: With a huge lack of breath/elemental attacks, Snowbell's ability to sing entrancingly makes up for it. With her singing, she can fill the area around her with hope or anger (depending on her mood), call/summon a certain someone(s), or entrance someone into doing something for her. The entrance magic can only work on one at the time and it can be interrupted by loud/sudden noises, someone else shaking them or they are not impressed by Snowbell's singing. The maximum range that her singing can be heard from is one mile.
~Snowbell is a stealthy dragonet who can silently sneak through areas without being spotted. Her white/blue colouring can give her away if she not in a snow area but she can be bright sometimes.
~Snowbell is very independent and resilient for a dragonet her age and tends to recover very quickly from tragic events, only that she definetly don't want to experience them again.
~Snowbell also have a fantastic long-lasting memory of her experiences and what she have learnt, it can be a downside as she going to have her bad memories for a very long time.
~Her leg/ability to flee: She cannot run as it often results in a tumble, so she relies on her wings/flight to get around quickly, so if she's in a situation where she in an situation where her use of wings are restricted she cannot move around quick and freely enough or flee unless someone takes her with them.
~Young and inexperienced: Though way too mature for her age, dragons often can mistake her for an undersized teen and may pick fights with her. The problem is she cannot fight any better than an undeveloped hatchling...
~Lack of magical attacks, without these, Snowbell is useless against a physical defensive opponent unless singing works on them.
~Her sense of trust: She doesn't mind being with just anyone regardless of who's 'evil' or not (except for those who purposely hurt her or wants to capture her obviously) and being generous she will help them whenever she can, this may result in being betrayed and backstabbed easily.
~Can be distracted: Being a young, curious dragonet, Snowbell can be lured away from her daily tasks/duty in many ways like with food, socialising with her, or even show an 'unique' rock to her. etc.

Fighting Style: Snowbell is too small and young to fight any fights but if she was forced to, she just gives in everything she got, stressing throughout the battle.
Magic: Snowbell once tried to practice blizzard magic but it seems that she wasn't capable, just yet...

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Re: Snowbell the Snowball

Post by Oculus on Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:23 pm

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Re: Snowbell the Snowball

Post by Scortia on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:24 am

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Re: Snowbell the Snowball

Post by Sponsored content

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