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Post by Haven on Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:03 pm

This RP is strictly to practice morbid role play. There will be no "stopping the murdering dragon". Either join or move on.


A large shadow loomed in the middle of a field littered with bodies of dragons. Scales of all colors were present The stench of burnt flesh and blood wafted across the hills. It was deathly silent around the mass of bodies, the solitary figure lifting his head, his armor covered in dragon blood. Blood and spit dripped from his open jaws, stretching and flowing with the gentle breeze to land on some unfortunate body close by. Pieces of flesh clung between his teeth and talons, his long tongue flicking out and licking his teeth. A groan could be heard to his left, and the King instantly flew over, pushing from the ground with an immense amount of power. Wings snapping open, talons being rubbed with bloody dirt. Launching himself across the battle field to land on a crystal white dragon that was trying to drag itself to safety to the tree line a few meters away. Haven huffed, delighted to see this one soul still alive... Even if the dragon was torn apart from the ribs down, it's intestines trailing along the soaking grass. It coughed blood as Haven stepped on it's throat, his talons sinking into the burnt flesh easily blood spurting across his face. A muffled scream could be heard from the white dragon, limbs flailing trying to shove the enormous black dragon off. Haven grunted, or some could say chuckle, at the sight. The pathetic sight of this torn in half dragon. Haven leaned down, taking a large chunk of the white dragon's flesh, tearing it sideways with a wide swing of his neck. Tearing muscle, scales, and skin apart. Blood sprayed across the ground, covering the once green grass with sticky droplets that glittered in the smoky light of morning. Haven continued to dig into his fresh meal, the wiggling of the white dragon ceasing. Haven's eyes were bloodshot, mouth full of dragon flesh he spun around suddenly, a huge sword slamming into his chest.

Forcing the air out of him, he took a few steps back, giving a breathless snarl. A white dragon stood before him, tears streaming down her  bloody face. Haven wiped his mouth, giving a devilish grin. The female stared at the half eaten white dragon before her, wings dropping with shock. Snapping back to reality, the dragoness gave a roar, charging toward the King, hatred boiling her veins, eyes wide with the intent to kill. Haven gave a laugh, springing forward on his powerful back legs, leaning his head down, he rammed straight into he female's stomach, his horns slicing into her organs. She spat blood over his back as he lifted her up, standing on both hind legs, balancing with his tail- and slammed the dragon into the ground, shaking the soil and leaving a sizable dent within the earth. The instant he did that, bones could be heard snapping, shattering on impact. The dragoness gasped, body twitching with pain.

"W-W-Why?" She gasped, trying to clutch her stomach, but her forelimbs were shattered. Haven didn't say anything, his breathing strong. The sent of his chaos breath filling the small air they both had between themselves.
"You're on my territory. You Rouges." Haven spat, taking a deep breath, seeing the horrified look of the female dragoness before he blasted her with his chaos breath. First the scales started to melt, then the skin... Her eyes fell from their sockets, turning to dust before hitting the ground. Snarling, Haven let out a roar that would carry on for miles and miles. Non of these dragons were worth his time... But he needed a simple snack.

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