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GREETINGS from a newcomer

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GREETINGS from a newcomer

Post by Tharasis on Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:22 am

Hello! ........... idk what to say now.
I Tharasis! from DRF have come here in hopes of meeting new peeps and to maybe make great stories that shall make its mark on the history of Dragon heaven!

Im quite active really, i dont have the problems of adult life ( yet ) that i find myself often just laying about thinking of what to do in my spare time. though i still go to school and all that

Also keep in mind i live in Asia.

I have read the site rules, though i did not go into the lore of it as much. i did look at the tribes and stuff and the 3 continents.

so some questions!

how active is this site?

Do humans exist or any other creatures?

is there a max amount of characters you can make?

can all or 2 my characters be in one account?

I plan on making my own tribe! is there any requirements to that?

thats all i have for now. ill think if anyother questions should one pop up in my head. but now its late for me and i must retire for the night, cya for now.


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Re: GREETINGS from a newcomer

Post by Oculus on Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:39 pm

Hi Tharasis! Welcome to Dragon’s Haven! I apologize for the delay, the holidays have kept us all busy lately.

As a note, if you have discord we can invite you to our discord group.

I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can, but I’m about to sleep for work haha.
1) Currebtly we are in a bit of an inactive phase. We have some new lore being written up, but with holidays things have slowed down quite a bit. There is some free flowing to on the discord though, and the site should hopefully become active again soon. ^^
2) Humans do not currently. Other creatures DO exist, but everyone’s character must be a dragon on this site.
3) Nope! You can even make multiple accounts to have an account per character. Just message an admin to change emails to match your main email.
4) it is preferable to have the separated into new accounts, and we can make the emails the same after they are created, but it is not mandatory, just preferred.
5) Yes! This is actually a feature that has been in the works, and while not finalized and ‘official’, the requirements to create a new tribe would be having real people form groups, and once X people meet up and stay as a group, become a mkay tribe, and grow from there.
If you have more questions, feel free to ask! Apologies for spelling faults, autocorrect hates me and I’m tired haha.

Welcome to DH, and Merry Christmss to you too!

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