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Skonis Empty Skonis

Post by Azreyus on Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:22 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Skonis Stormflighter
Pronunciation: Sk - oh - neese
Gender: Male
Type: Western dragon
Species: Stormflighter dragon
Age: 400
Date of Birth: 9th June
Personality: Skonis is a rather reserved individual who prefers his own company to others and keeps his distance from the crowd, but when spoken to reveals a polite, though distant manner. While he isn't hostile, he generally has a standoffish air, discouraging others from approaching him, and even then both his companionship and trust are difficult to win. He occasionally displays a streak of impulsiveness and impatience, and has a short temper, but generally has a calm, though quiet demeanour. He can keep his cool relatively easily when truly necessary, even under high pressure. When he warms up to someone, he is really not much different from his usual self, though he'll be more open with his thoughts and more careful with his words out of consideration of the other dragon's feelings.
Hobbies: He spends most of his days sleeping, but when he's awake, he can be found studying languages or writing. Occasionally he takes a relaxed flight around the Twilight Palace as well.
Likes: High places, hence the location of his room being on the upper floors of the Twilight Palace and his preference for taking naps on elevated places. He likes writing too, finding the scratch of a makeshift pen against parchment comforting, and particularly enjoys recording down things or events. Additionally, he enjoys flying; he finds it soothing and relaxing.
Dislikes: Hatchlings; generally they are loud, annoying and downright unreasonable, and as such he prefers to avoid interaction with them whenever he can. He also dislikes being woken from a nap without a good reason, and hates being bothered or pestered repeatedly. Mind games irritate him as well, because he has no patience for those, and would rather get straight to the point. Lastly, as he loathes having his eyes stared at, he usually avoids eye contact and physical contact, both of which make him uncomfortable.
Fears: Having his necklace, which is his source of magic, destroyed, as he will then be left powerless and unable to fight back, which he also fears. He fears the loss of a place among the Stormcallers, as well as the home he has made for himself there.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Shveki
Tribe: Stormcallers
Position: Scholar, Archivist and Messenger.
Language: He is fluent in Stormira, a language native to the small clan he was born in and as a result, part of, though only for a time, as well as Xoyan due to frequent visits there, made out of sheer curiosity. He is also mastering Ki'Shin and Kenarun, knows scraps of Vuarish and Arretiz, is studying Ga'ar, and of course, can communicate fluently in Universal.
Home: A room in the upper levels of the Twilight Palace.
Parents: Among the rogues in a clan.
Siblings: He is the eldest among three siblings, two of which possess shadow abilities that he failed to inherit: A brother younger than him by a century and a half, named Inanis (currently an NPC Xoyan Skygger who was involved in the damaging of Glasoc's vocal cords), and a younger sister named Skia who is currently still living with her parents.
Relatives: Azreyus is one of his many cousins, as well as Hethros.
Mate: N/A.
Offspring: N/A.
History: His mother's family was large, incredibly so, to the point that it eventually grew into a clan (that was, while sizable in its own right, not officially acknowledged like the Vuari or the Lakara) named the Stormflighters, consisting of dragons who had the ability to manipulate wind, lightning, or both. However, while they had incredible magical prowess, they shared a common weakness: A frail immune system that was badly damaged by a poisoned water source, killing off most of them. Desperate to restore their numbers, the Stormflighters started to make frequent visits to Xoya in pursuit of potential mates, while at the same time selling handmade items to make a living. That was where his mother found his father, and Skonis was born not long after.

While his father had dull red eyes that could easily be mistaken for brown, Skonis had brilliantly scarlet eyes that scared the living daylights out of everyone who made eye contact with him, or saw him at all; the Stormflighters (excluding the recent, Xoyan-born additions), who were particularly superstitious, saw his presence as an ill omen that foretold a time of great bloodshed and death ahead, and sought to rid themselves of him. He lived only because of his parents' interference, and even after that, the other children stayed away from him, and he grew up a defensive and reticent individual. Eventually, unable to stand it any longer, he left at the age of fifty and went rogue for a century and a half, before at last joining the Stormcallers.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Skonis Skonis2

Height: 60ft from head to toe, excluding the horns on his head.
Length: 130ft.
Wingspan: 200ft each, spanning 400ft in total.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Scales in various shades of blue.
Eyes: Bright red.
Accessories: A golden necklace around his neck - a sphere circled by a ring, with a curl of metal floating in front of it.
Armor: N/A.
Horns/Spikes: Grey that fades to white at the tips. He has a pair of horns at the back of his head that dip before curving upwards slightly, as well as a long spike protruding from his jaw on each side of his face. A long row of curved spikes start at his forehead and stops a third through his tail; they grow in length at the curve of his neck and his back before returning to its usual size.
Overall Appearance: Refer to image above. Additional notes: He has long wings made for extended flights, and three golden rings floating near the end of his tail.

Abilities and Strengths


Lightning and Wind manipulation.
He can control lightning and wind to a certain extent, bending them to his will; examples of what he can do with them are listed below.

Six Swords
He can, using blue lightning, form swords of varying lengths around him. He can choose to either throw them forward or have them tail an opponent, with the former being able to cover a total distance of 600ft before the sparks come apart and scatter, and the latter only being able to travel 500ft. He can only form six swords at any one time, and has to exhaust all of them before being able to summon a fresh set. Upon making contact with a surface, the sword will 'dissolve' into small sparks that, on a dragon or a living organism, cause muscle spasms, a painful but not fatal electric shock, both of which lasting for two of my posts, and a mild burn. Cooldown: Two of my posts.

Three Rings
With a flick of his tail, he can send one, two or all three of the rings that circle his tail spinning forward, functioning as a sort of deadly boomerang. They can travel a total distance of 600ft before arcing back and returning to him; during their journey small spikes will manifest along their edges and detach repeatedly, showering the enemy with a spray of sparks that will shock them upon contact. The spikes disappear as soon as the rings return to his tail. The rings themselves are made of electricity and can cause a light shock when touched; to avoid shocking himself by accident, he can make the rings appear or disappear at will.

Wind Projectiles
He can manipulate the air around him in such a way that they form projectiles of varying sizes that can bruise a dragon or knock the breath out of them, temporarily stunning, disorienting or distracting them. These travel at a high speed, but move in a straight line. The furthest they can reach is 600ft around himself. He can keep up a burst of this for two of my posts maximum, with a cooldown of another two posts of mine.

Wind Lashes
Similar to Wind Projectiles, he can manipulate the air around him to send long, lash-like currents of wind towards an enemy or several opponents; they are around 60ft long and, like above, can travel only up to 600ft away from himself. These also travel in a straight line, and while they are considerably slower compared to Wind Projectiles, they pack more of a punch, and can knock enemies backwards a good distance. He can keep up a burst of this for two of my posts maximum, with a cooldown of another two posts of mine.
- Aerial stamina: As long as he isn't flying too quickly, he can fly long distances without stopping. He can maintain a speed of 60-70mph for roughly five hours straight, hence his rank as a Messenger. The highest speed he can reach is 120mph, but he can only maintain that for three of my posts, before slowing down.
- Ground speed: He can run fast on the ground, and can reach 120mph at the most and maintain it for two of my posts, though unlike in the air his stamina on the ground is far poorer and he can only run in short bursts.
- Excellent memory: He can recall details and information with perfect ease, allowing him to accurately record down events or memorise maps to avoid getting lost when performing his Messenger duties in foreign lands.
- Large wingspan: His sizeable wings are an easy target and can easily be struck at.
- Somewhat clumsy in the air: He cannot perform certain aerial manouvres that smaller dragons can, and is far less agile than they are.
- Sensitive: His wing-fingers are particularly sensitive in order to feel the air currents better; striking at them causes him great discomfort and pain, and any gashes or cuts will stun him momentarily.
- His necklace: It is the source of his power; he will lose the ability to manipulate wind and lightning if it is removed from around his neck or damaged beyond recognition (through physical force; magic does not work on it as there is a protective spell around it that keeps it safe, though only to a certain extent).
Fighting Style: Small quick attacks that tire the other opponent before going in for the kill.
Magic: None.

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Skonis Empty Re: Skonis

Post by Azreyus on Sun May 12, 2019 4:21 am




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