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Poll Results

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Poll Results

Post by Oculus on Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:36 pm


  • Human Threat: 2.78
  • Meteor: 3.00
  • Reality Slip: 3.44
  • Plague: 3.44
  • Alternate Character: 4.33
  • Extradimentional Invaders: 3.56
  • Crazy Mists: 2.89
  • Stormcaller Illness: 3.11
  • Hatchling Daycare: 4.78

Major Site Updates:

  • Factions: 4.1
  • Alteration of NPC: 3.4
  • Lore Rewrite: 4.2
  • Deity Addition/Essence: 4.3

Alright!  Thank you so much for all the assistance and your opinions!  One idea that was added that I think is a marvelous idea is to create a Wikipedia page for DH's lore.  I am horrible at web design as you all may know, but if someone is good at this sort of thing, a DH wiki would be really cool to set up once the above changes take place!

So as you can guess, the bolded results are the ones I believe we will make happen!  The three changes for mayor site ideas will take some work and time, but we can get them started ASAP!  Tribe leaders, this is your moment to shine and show your tribe how active and how great your tribe is!  For the two fun event ideas, I will get working on a sign up sheet for them, and we can have some shenanigan fun!

Thank you again so much for taking time to voice your opinions, and for letting me disappear for a week and not abusing the staff while I was away!  Arrrtteee, I'm tiiiirreeeed :'3

Lets go have some rp fun!

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