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Post by Kimerth on Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:03 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Erin Tallihar
Gender: Female
Type: Wyvern
Species: Multi-element Peacock Dragon
Age: 701
Date of Birth: July
Personality: A polar opposite to her sister, Erin is kind and caring, and can't stand to see other dragons get hurt. She tries to help all dragons, even if they are from an opposing tribe or attempted to hurt her. She dislikes being angry or hateful against other dragons, as it makes her feel guilty. She likes to be helpful and useful to all her friends and allies, and cant stand seeing other dragons upset or sorrowful. Erin will always try and cheer anyone up, or do her best to get them in a better mood.
Hobbies: Training, writing, running.
Likes: Sun bathing, showing off during fighting, be useful.
Dislikes: Being cold, getting wet, snow.
Fears: Being abandoned, death, deep pools of water.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:   The Uoangi Desert
Tribe: Ki'sha
Position: Was once a Ugaan, but now is a Shemscaluri and is trying to become a Ugaan again.
Language: Kishin, Universal, Ga'ar, and Kenarun.
Home: The Uoangi Desert
Parents: Mara and Norar
Siblings: Kimerth Tallihar
History: Being shadowed by her sisters strength in many a training session, Erin decided to use her stealth to her advantage and train to be sneaky and cunning fighter. She often used her massive trains of feathers to conceal daggers or blades that she can slip out during combat. She also learned to use her hypnotic feather markings to distract her enemy's, before going in to take them out. After being elevated to a Ugaan alongside her sister, Erin cam across an injured Kyion spy that had been sent to keep an eye on the Ki'sha. She knew she should of killed the Kyion, but she couldn't, and instead let him go. Soon, the Ki'sha came across this information, and marked her as a traitor. As soon as Kimerth tracked her down, she insisted that Erin become a Shemscaluri, to avoid death. Erin refused multiple times, before finally giving in.
She now serves as a Shemscaluri, trying her best to redeem herself and become a Ugaan again.
Erin managed to get herself under the guidance of her sister, but has to endure torment from many of the other Ki'shan.
After one particularly vicious attack, she was heavily scarred on her neck and had trouble speaking louder than a whisper.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 45ft
Length: 90ft (46ft not counting her tail length)
Wingspan: 80ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: White feathers with blue, purple, and green highlights. Her tail feathers are a deep purple, which fade into a bright red. All her eye spot markings are Bright red
Eyes: Soft Brown
Accessories: A Scarf that conceals a few daggers.
Armor: no
Overall Appearance: 
Erin Tallihar Erin
Abilities and Strengths

Erin can set her body ablaze, as her feathers are fire-proof and normal fire cannot hurt her. The max time she can have this magical fire on her is an hour (ten-twelve posts) and cant do it again for another hour. (6 posts)

Illusionary Markings.
Erin's markings are captivating and hard to not get disorientated when looking at them for long. She often flashes her tail feathers up to distract an enemy with the confusing array of markings before attacking.

Erin is a silent fighter and flyer, and it takes a dragon with exceptional hearing to hear her.

Fine-tuned Skills.
Erin has exceptional fighting skills, and uses her small size to her advantage. Darting under larger dragons to trip them up or throwing a quick barrage of well-aimed daggers to damage her enemies while she slips out of sight.

Normal fire has no effect on Erin, and magical fire does half the amount of damage as it would normally do.

Erin is a fast flyer and can run exceptionally fast.

As most of her species, Erin can climb almost any surface without difficulty, even being able to hang upside-down due to her extra grabby claws. She has trouble climbing ice, and it takes her longer to climb up it.

Poison resilience
As part of her training, Erin has undergone poisonings to increase her resistance to poisons.

Dragons Stronger than her.
As Erin is small and weak, stronger dragons can easily pin her down.

Long tail.
Erin's long tail can be used to her disadvantage. If a dragon pinned down her tail, she would be unable to move very well.

Ice magic.
Ice magic hurts Erin more than other magics.

Water weighs down Erin and makes her feathers heavy, making it near impossible to fly and swim without sinking.

Having no scales makes it easy for Erin to be hurt, and she lacks a valuable protection that even her feathers cant grant her.

Erin has terrible dark-vision, and can’t see very well at night without light.

Fighting Style: Sneaky, attacking from the shadows and avoiding being too close to her enemy.

An invisible barrier off magical force appears and protects Erin. For six seconds (two posts), she is protected from magic bolts and fire, but not psychical attacks. This can be casted two times every 4 posts.

Minor Healing.
Erin can cast this to mend minor scratches and cuts, and partially mend serious wounds. She can cast this once every eight posts.

Death Ward.
Casting this ward gives Erin a measure of protection from death. The first time she is hit fatally, she is healed just enough to keep alive, but is rendered unconscious. This ward can be casted once a topic.
This spell captures some of the incoming energy of a magical attack lessening its effect and storing it for the next time Erin attacks with her claws or bite. She has resistance to the damage type for a few seconds (one post), and her next melee attack has small bit of energy from the spell added onto it.

Night Wreathe.
A modified version of the ability Erin uses to coat her form in flames. Flame-like shadows wreathe her body until the spell ends (one hour/ 6 posts) or until she dismisses it., causing her to become heavily obscured to others. The shadows turn dim light within 10 feet of her into darkness, and bright light in the same area to extremely dimmed light.

Mythical Bow
Casting this spell summons a mystical bow and arrow beside Erin, which she can use to shoot dragons with ice cold arrows. She doesn't need to touch the bow to use it, and she can set it to target dragons without her needing to aim it.
She can summon the bow three times a day (topic), and it lasts for up to three hours (12 posts)

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