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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Empty Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

Post by Sly on Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:47 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Sly
Pronunciation: N/A
Gender: Male
Type: Western
Species: Starlight
Age: 25 dragon years
Date of Birth: February 29th
Sly possesses qualities similar to what his name implies. At times, he can be a very cunning snake who likes to experiment with a few words. Depending on his relationship with another being, he can either use words that will rile them up, or comfort them. Though you may never know if you are being manipulated and turned into a pawn for his own game. That doesn’t mean he is a dangerous dragon to be around with. Even if he isn’t the most trustworthy friends, you may learn a thing or two from him. To guarantee that he will not use you for his benefits, a small gift is all it takes, whether it be a rare artifact or a simple treat. Despite this, Sly kept a few friends close and know the gains of keeping such friendship rather than continuously testing them. That being said, Sly knows his responsibilities and would rather choose his words carefully than needlessly provoke a situation that would annoy him in the long run.

He is also a tactician and tends to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. If he can, he will take some old battle plans and run through them, while keeping note of changes to the original plans. This doesn’t mean he fears getting wounded, but rather he is fixed on the oath of not harming others unless it is necessary (e.g. self-defence, protecting someone). If, however, fighting in unavoidable, he tries not to go serious and will only aim to cripple his foes so they won’t fight anymore. The only moments where he would kill another of his kin is if they provoked his claw and gave him without a choice. Sly is a dragon who rather preserves the value and quality of life, so he possesses negative views on killing.

His cunning personality aside, Sly is always open to civilians with welcoming wings, but deep down, he expresses concern over the higher ups. He is a rebellious dragon, hating to feel chained up by another dragon, but knows to keep his maw shut, else the leaders will exile him. Again, if anyone gets on his nerves, he will begin plotting his revenge and turn the tables when they least expect. Sly is forever critical to all leaders he encounters, judging them by how they take on their responsibilities and their actions. He is especially harsh on a society ruled by a single dictator, and quietly prefers something a little more democratic. He praised a few in the past, but even if he hates the others, he never blurts it out to just anyone. Whenever he is on break and out with friends, he will lightly express his distaste, but not so much as to make others feel uncomfortable. However, Sly will always put on a brave face and express loyalty to whoever he serves. If anyone can see into his heart, he will stay well away.

When he was young, Sly always wanted to take on the field of medicine, and dedicated most of his life studying every herb and potions in the world. This led to him becoming an alchemist of some sort, as he also had extensive knowledge on the dragon body and the toxic effects of some herbs. He can craft almost any potion, but it will take him some time, as he does not possess any abilities that permit efficient production. If able, Sly will go to a nearby library and anyone can find him near the medical categories. However, if he’s hitting the books, it’s best not to disturb him until he is stretching.

Sly has ambitions within the realm of medicine, going so far as to find methods to preserve eternal youth. That being said, he has fascinations over myths like the Fountain of Youth or the Sorcerer Stone. To further his goals, he is willing to go so far as to engage in practices that are considered taboo, especially necromancy. By combining his knowledge on medicine with necromancy, Sly is capable of forming abominations from an assortment of corpse pieces known as ‘chimera’ down to the very last tissue, all to further whatever objectives he have.


  • Collecting. Sly is a collector of sorts, hunting especially for ancient collectibles scattered throughout the realm, or just a set of pieces which he thought fascinating.
  • Reading is another hobby of his, specifically anything in the herbs, poisons and medicine category. If there is a nearby library, he would go there in his spare time (though he prioritises friend meet-ups if he had some).
  • Peace. Nothing is more soothing than sitting on the cliff edge and feeling the wind blasting against your neck. Just let it take away all your pain and worries.


  • As far as curiosity is concerned, Sly is open to trying unique blends of potions, drinks or food, as long as they are new to certain realms.
  • Exploring the realm.
  • Sly really, REALLY loves puzzles. He likes anything that tests his mentality, and would enjoy a game of chess or two with anyone interested. Pretty much anything requiring strategic thinking will catch him.


  • Do not. Ever. Disturb him when he is reading. When Sly is doing something, his focus is set completely on that, and any interference that breaks his concentration will unsettle him.
  • Fighting. Sly is concentrating on the medical field and doesn’t find any pleasure in doing the opposite. In fact, if someone does force him into fighting and lives, Sly may never want to befriend them.
  • Boredom. Who doesn’t?


  • Taking on the medical means lives are placed on his claws. And with lives on his claws, came huge responsibilities. Sly’s biggest fear is being helpless, forced to sit there and watch his patients die while he is clueless about what’s going on. This somewhat carries on to any helpless situation, where his friends are about to die but something is forcing him back.
  • Sly still considers himself a novice in terms of necromancy as he had been severed from his teacher prematurely. As such, he feared his own magic becoming uncontrollable or causing widespread devastation.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Unknown (Presumed to be Shveki)
Tribe: Xoya
Position: Paramedic/ Spion
Language: Xoyan, Arretiz, Kenarun
Home: Mountain with a deep cavern, overlooking the plains and lake with plentiful resources
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Mate: Yes (name unknown)
Offspring: Unknown
History: N/A

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 80ft (50ft up to shoulder)
Length: 240ft (120ft from head to rump)
Wingspan: 260ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Black scales for main body, with purple underbelly and membranes.
Eyes: Green (normal), yellow (tensed)
Accessories: N/A
Armor: N/A
Horns/Spikes: A pair of gold straight horns grown at the back of his skull. Curved black spikes grow along the spine of his neck. A pair of small horns grow on his snout, similar to egg teeth.
Overall Appearance:
Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Do57b9

Abilities and Strengths


Numbing/Sensitising Mist Breath
Sly breathes a fine, dark mist that, when in contact with another dragon, causes the affected part to become relaxed and numbed. Alternatively, he can use this breath to restore any numbed nerves of the body and re-enable them to use their sense of touch again. However, using this on a perfectly normal body part would sensitise it to a point where even the most gentle of touch can induce allodynia, where any sensation to that part is painful, and hyperalgesia (excruciating pain).

The mist itself is visible and therefore anyone can react accordingly to not let it affect them. Additionally, the mist has a very short range (200ft in a cone).

Duration of effect: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Star Flare

Sly folds his wings to his sides and charges his energy (up to 1 post). Then he immediately burst open his wings, sending out a barrage of glowing orbs that hones to targets he focused on with his eyes and explodes on them. Once he locked onto a target, all honing orbs would always track towards it until Sly shifted focus on something else. He can also set a delay on each orb before they hone in, letting them travel down a straight path until he mentally triggers them to follow. Sly can mentally change the path his orbs take mid-flight to reach his targets.

Damage of each orb is relatively weak, but can be fatal if they collect on the same target area. They can easily be blocked or destroyed, or even tanked if the foe has very thick or strong scales, hence the importance of exposing weaknesses. If there is none, then this ability can generally do nothing more than distract them. Additionally, due to the speed these smaller orbs are travelling, their turning arcs (when missed the target) are very wide, and therefore they are prone to either colliding into other objects or senselessly orbiting the enemy.

Alternatively, Sly can condense his orbs together. This results in more powerful orbs with better turning arcs, but fewer in numbers and slower. While he can fire the smallest orbs instantly, these larger orbs require charging over time, up to towards the end of the post before it can be fired in the next. Medium sized orbs can be fired in the same post after a brief delay. However, the larger the orbs, the slower the speed, and thus these are only effective against slower or heavily armoured enemies. Enemies can easily dodge these orbs because of the slow speed, but these orbs have better manoeuvrability, making them harder to dodge entirely. Sly can detonate the large orbs with another quick Star Flare if he considers them close enough to his enemies. Enemies can also detonate them early by blasting them with any ranged attacks. It all comes down to how well Sly plans and executes his attacks.

Against bulky enemies, large orbs may not be able to destroy or shatter thick scale platings, but the forces they generate are tremendous, potentially being able to bruise the area, fracture bones or, to some extent, crush organs (that's only if a few large orbs have concentrated against that particular spot). One large orb is almost equivalent to being shoved or punched by a large dragon with powerful reflexes, and is normally able to at least bruise victims.

Sly can also use his Star Flare for defensive purposes, but they are usually not as effective and mostly serves to build up his number of orbs. He can send orbs to spiral around him, protecting him where he goes until Sly catches them with his wings and redirect them to home in on his targets. Additionally, he can split larger orbs at will into smaller orbs, reducing their power individually but increasing speed.

Black Orb Variation

Sly can also create another variation of Star Flare, making them translucent and dark as shadows. Especially in the night, they are much harder to see, but in the daytime, they stand out like sore thumbs. From any source of shadows within claw’s reach, Sly can draw these orbs out and shoot them towards his targets. This variation, however, exchanges its homing aspect. Meaning if the orbs were dodged, they are not going to change trajectory alone and just keep going straight.

In each wing (he has two wings), he can fire a maximum of:

4 small orbs, at 108km/h and with a mass of 1kg each (momentum = 30ms)
2 medium orbs, at 54km/h and with a mass of 16kg each (momentum = 240ms)
1 large orbs, at 27km/h and with a mass of 256kg each (momentum = 1920ms)

Duration: Indefinite (until collision with something)
Cooldown: One cast per post.


Sly focuses more of his energy into his wings, similar to Star Flare but instead of just opening his wings to release them, he immediately pushes them together in front of him and condense all that energy into one glowing mega orb, known as Supernova. Compared to any of his other orbs, this one is very unstable and will explode after 3 posts if it hasn’t already. Furthermore, this orb attracts all of Sly’s Star Flare orbs to its gravity, which may cause them to orbit Supernova or slingshot in other directions due to influence from other pulls. Any orbs flying into Supernova will be absorbed, allowing the orb to grow and gain their mass, but other significantly large objects in contact will detonate the star prematurely. When this star explodes, it will also trigger all Star Flare orbs to explode on the spot in a chain reaction.

Explosion radius is equivalent to 200ft (+50ft per orb absorbed) with enough force to cause severe wounds on any large dragons.

Downside to this is Sly won’t be spared from the nuke and, if enemies could detonate it before he could escape the explosion radius, he would be the only one taking the full blast, especially since Supernova is created within arms length of him.

Duration: Up to 3 posts.
Cooldown: 5 posts.

Black hole

Creation is similar to how Sly creates Supernova, but instead draws Black orbs from shadows to create a small black orb with tremendous pulling energy for up to 2 posts. All objects and Star Flare orbs are subjected to this pull, which can be described as strong as twice the realm’s gravity. Upon contact with an object of significant mass, the Black Hole explodes. Contrary to Supernova, the explosion instead pushes all objects outwards like a huge shockwave, slamming them into any grounded objects for devastating damage, or into the ground like a meteorite. Shockwave sends all loose objects back 2,000ft outwards from the black hole, therefore the closer the target is to the black hole, the greater the shockwave damage.

Although Sly is spared from the pull, he is not spared from the shockwave if the Black Hole explodes too quickly, and the impact can crush him as well as any targets caught in the blast. Sly’s Star Flare orbs can trigger this to explode if pulled into the centre.

Duration: Up to 2 posts.
Cooldown: 5 posts.

Eyes of gravity

This ability essentially builds on the fundamentals of gravitational pull between two objects. Sly can mark up to two objects to be subjects of his unique gravitational force towards one another. His Star Flare orbs are automatically drawn to these marked targets. In order to mark targets, Sly simply needs to look at them. One he marks the first object, another object within 3,000ft from the first can also be marked, resulting in a strong ‘gravitational pull’ between these said objects. That means the lightest of the two objects will ‘fall’ towards the heavier object and will continue to do so until they either contact with one another, usually in the form of a devastating collision, or if Sly’s vision of any of these targets are broken. Note, the greater the differences in mass, the stronger this gravity.

This ability has a very noticeable weakness in that Sly must keep eye contact on marked targets. Any blockade or blinding magic can dispel his eyes’ effect.

Duration: Indefinite (until collision)
Cooldown: 3 posts


Sly’s advantage is his speed and his wit, using them to strike where it hurts the most or to quickly disarm opponents that can easily overpower him with physical strength alone. As he dislikes fighting, he considers this crucial, and will either dodge or do slashes that seem like harmless cuts when he actually severed a tendon/nerve, or envenomed his claw. Aerial combat is Sly’s favourite domain, as the belly would be exposed for his taking.

Note however, this is only made possible if he has his speed and agility. If for whatever reason this is removed from him, it would force him to retreat and resort to fighting from long distances.

This is where Sly’s strength lies mostly on. He is witty and almost always uses his head to resolve any situation. Sly can plan many moves ahead and never, ever charges into the fray without a plan. He follows a simple guideline of knowing the foe as much as possible before exploiting any available weaknesses. This even includes withholding most of his capabilities if he discovers the opponent to be cocky and tended to underestimate him. He is also very observant and possessed excellent environmental awareness, thanks to his harsh development from growing up in the streets alone to adulthood. Sly usually memorises the blueprints and structures of whichever place he ventures in, allowing him to know shortcuts and secret passages to get to different locations as soon as possible, or escape desperate situations. He was also able to use his observant skills to notice even the slightest of suspicions or detect the slightest of sounds that were off from the norm.

It is almost impossible for Sly to be both calculative and witty at the same time, and usually he falls to either one of these areas given any situation. His calculative nature can easily be thwarted, since he relies on enemies knowing common sense or picking the best moves for themselves, and if they try anything unusual which he didn’t take account of, it would make his plans all for naught. Alternatively, using his wits wouldn’t allow him to plan several moves ahead. He can therefore be overwhelmed with more brilliant foes.

High magic stamina
Sly sports a high capacity of energy for using magic, in contrast to physical energy normally used for speed and strength. As such, he can fire off many of his spells that have small energy expenditure without as much as breaking a sweat. Or essentially sustain small amounts of his magic to continuously take effect over something over an indefinite period of time. While he can ‘spam’ low-cost spells, he still needs to take care not to abuse it too much, as eventually the cost would exceed his magic recovery. Because of his high capacity, he is capable of using advanced spells several times before it would begin to tire him.

In order to possess such capacity for magic, Sly traded off time spent on building his physiques and physical stamina, meaning if he had to get into a ‘claw fight’ with another dragon, he would be the first to tire out and a normal dragon would only just broke a few sweats by then. Therefore, forcing a close-combat fight over and over again can quickly lead to his downfall.

Smooth wings
Sly's wings are able to deflect projectile orbs or anything spherical in shape, using them like a ramp of sorts for these projectiles to roll onto and shift into another direction. This is done by curving his wings so they follow a parabolic curve, and flinging them back at his foes. His wings are somewhat special, in a sense that they will not cause volatile orbs to explode upon contact with his wings. However, Sly cannot fling orbs moving at large speeds, especially if they can pierce through standard dragon membrane strength.

Prodigal alchemist
At least within the Xoyan tribe, Sly considered himself among the best alchemists, with speciality in the healing field. He is well knowledged on a variety of herbs that grow around the realm, and can concoct the most sophisticated of potions with a variety of properties, especially when out in the field of combat. Sly normally carries no more than 3 flasks of potions in any given fight, however, depending on what grows on the aid field, he can make new potions mid-combat, assuming he found ample windows of opportunity to do so. It will take 1 full post to make these potions, unless specified. However, enemies can attempt to destroy any of his flasks, reducing his potions capacity.

The following are the current potions he can take/make:
available potions:

Minor healing potion
A simple healing potion that can heal minor wounds, including small gashes, or stop bleeding from major wounds. Ingredients are common, but takes 2 posts to create.

Panacea’s Tears
Advanced healing potion that can heal deep and fatal wounds within a post. The ingredients however, are extremely rare, and therefore will NEVER be found amidst combat.

Hygeia’s cleanse
Removes any de-buffing effects, including poisons or curses. Ingredients are rare, and therefore may only appear ONCE amidst combat.

Neurotoxic venom
Envenoms a certain body part for 3 posts. If a target is poisoned by said part, then the affected area and its associated limb becomes numb and paralysed for 2 posts. Ingredients are rare, and therefore may only appear ONCE amidst combat.

Haemotoxic venom
Envenoms a certain body part for 3 posts. If a target is poisoned by said part, then their blood will fail to clot if there is a bleeding wound, causing them to bleed spontaneously from the wound for up to 2 posts. Ingredients are common.

Septic venom
Envenoms a certain part for 3 posts. If a target is poisoned by said part, then that area becomes heavily inflamed and painful, and the target develops a fever for 2 posts. With their body busied in fighting off the infection, this will severely cripple their strengths until the effect wears off. Ingredients are extremely rare, and therefore will NEVER appear amidst combat.

Overclocks the user’s muscles, granting them around 50% boost in speed and strength for 2 posts (however, the boost cannot go beyond the capped speed limit). However, they become crippled after the potion wears off, cutting their base speed and strength around 50% for 2 posts (pretend you had run a marathon). Ingredients are extremely rare, and therefore will NEVER appear amidst combat.


Subpar Strength
Sly strongly favours speed over strength, and hence he is more frail than an average dragon. He does not possess strong endurance, hence it may take fewer strikes to take him down compared to normal. It is therefore crucial that Sly avoids close combat as much as possible, and use his speed and agility for getting out of such situations than attempting to cripple/disarm.

Subpar physical stamina
In addition to poor strength, Sly doesn’t have endurance to match that of an average dragon either. As such, he cannot run or maintain any physical exercises for long before suffering from fatigue. Because of this, it would require him to think carefully on where he wanted to position himself, especially if his opponent is a physical fighter.

Sly isn’t spared from the devastating effects of his abilities and they may affect him as much as it will affect nearby targets. Agile enemies can destroy his orbs as quickly as Sly created them, forcing them to explode right in his face.

Vision loss
Most of Sly’s abilities rely on his visual abilities. Taking this away would take out most of his arsenal briefly until his vision can recover, thus creating a window of opportunity to strike him.

Since Sly will be carrying flasks of potions around that are exposed to the enemy, if at any point they are shattered, glass shards could also cut into his scales. Furthermore, if any of his flasks contain venom, it would affect him.

Sly's tactics when in battle revolves around massing as many Star Flare orbs in the field, turning it into a landmine of sorts before detonating all of them in a chain reaction in some manner. To prevent this, any damaging spells that affects a large area can explode most of his orbs before he could set up his plans.

Fighting Style: Rule of thumb: Never charge in without a plan. Sly almost view all combat situations as a game of chess, and that he can’t just move random pieces hoping something will hit. Sly also utilises his environment at the best of his abilities in addition to his current combat capabilities. An example of such is if he finds any useful herbs, he will use it and either poison his foe or heal up his wounds.

Overall, Sly is a balanced fighter in terms of both aerial and combat, thanks to the versatility of his abilities, though most of his attacks are concentrated in the field of magic, and he strongly prefers fighting from a distance.


Cosmic energy

As his abilities suggested, Sly possess cosmic magic in the form of being able to create celestial objects. Although they are nothing compared to the real objects, his imitations of them are real enough that they can be deemed as very miniature and mild replicas of them. Sly also has influence over the gravitational pull of his celestial objects, using them to his advantage to disorient his enemies and create additional objects, such as quasars. Despite these new creations, the damage they can do is only similar to Star Flare orbs of the same mass to them.


In his pursuit for achieving eternal life, Sly came across a teacher of Necromancy and willing accepted to partake in the forbidden knowledge. Instead of the typical bone moulding and flesh sewing into foul abominations, his teacher taught him about the 5 points, and hence teachings that formed the fundamentals of Necromancy. Though there were five, Sly only knows how to use 3 of them, the rest being far too advanced and his connections with his teacher was cut prematurely by an unknown event.

Point of Pain
This teaching revolves around causing and removing pain from a living target. Sly has already mastered this, having moulded it into his mist ability to either numb pain or over-sensitise his targets.

Point of Body
This teaching revolves around the ability to render a corpse into finely grounded pulp, and vice versa, such as reforming a bone from grounded bone dust or restructuring muscles cells into a proper functioning muscle. Although Sly didn’t integrate this into his body, he was able to perform this point of Necromancy if he had a spellcircle of blood to work on. As such, with the use of his forbidden magic in conjunction with his medical knowledge, he is able to restore amputated limbs from all levels of destruction (since it is detached from the living body) before reattaching it to the dragon.

Through this, Sly is also capable of sewing meshes of different corpses together, paying careful attention to the anatomy of such creatures down to the last cell, until he could form an otherwise functioning creature, had it had a soul resting inside it. Within the same point of Necromancy allows Sly to reanimate dead cells at a very miniscule cost of his energy. This allows the creature to heal their ‘wounds’ and rejuvenate much of their new inner body processes, making them viable for the living.

Point of Spirit
This teaching revolves reanimation of viable corpses and communing with the dead and allowing them to possess a viable corpse. However, in order for Sly to see spirits, he needed to master the Point of Mind, which he had not done so due to the sudden disconnection with his teacher. As such, he can only reanimate. These creatures will then be known as chimeras. As long as Sly maintains his magic over these chimeras, they are considered as ‘living’, although as mindless and blank-staring slaves in servitude to him. The very moment he lost his concentration over them, because the cells were overworked and kept alive by his magic, they would implode and the entire creature would disintegrate into an unsalvageable bloody mess.

It is therefore nearly impossible to determine if Sly’s chimeras were corpses or not, saved for the blank stares and inattention to anything.

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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Empty Re: Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Empty Re: Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

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Nerfed the number of orbs Sly can shoot
Added stats for each orb type in Star Flare

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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Empty Re: Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

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Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A Empty Re: Sly, the Bladed Apothecary [An app that's probably never going to be approved but doing it for lols]A

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