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Into the Pit [Xayden/Skygger/Open]

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Into the Pit [Xayden/Skygger/Open]

Post by Oculus on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:23 am

Watching from the sidelines, Oculus kept his gaze on two dragons who were facing one another. The two dragons took calculated strikes at each other, dodging or deflecting the blows and retaliating with their own. He had no intention to do anything but to observe the two, looking for flaws in their forms, a flaw in their technique, missed opportunities to counter. To the naked eye, it would appear as if the two were mauling one another, but with a careful look, it would be noticed that most of the blows never made contact. Content with the performance the two were giving, Oculus let his mind wander to the message he had heard. There was a new dragon coming to try and join their ranks. Not many braved the challenge, as the hardship and breaking in made most quit or straight up flee. A current spion from what was told was the one coming to try and prove themselves. Oculus had done his homework though, learned a bit about the dragon. He was not a native Xoyan, but an outsider who came into the Xoya. Not much was known about his origins beyond that, but he had done well in the spion. While the spion were under his control, he did not pry into the lives of all his dragons, only the Skygger. He wanted to know every detail about the skygger, to find their weaknesses and pry them out, scale by scale if need be. This spion, Xayden, would have an awakening if he thought that it would be some simple test to join and that was that. Looking back at the two fighting, he resumed watching, waiting to see if the new recruit would even show up.

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Re: Into the Pit [Xayden/Skygger/Open]

Post by Xayden on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:43 am

Xayden felt ready to start this new adventure. He was calmly pacing towards the designed area of the training. He has received warnings from other Spions about the challenge of joining the Skyggers. Most of them wouldn't even last a week before to quit. Xayden wasn't afraid of that. He faced so many challenges in his life, often struggling to death. Becoming a Skygger couldn't be worse in his opinion. He already thought to remain as a Spion, but then he couldn't improve as an individual without accessing a higher rank. He had his weaknesses to overcome. Anyway he was more than glad to serve under a special rank. The Xoya gave him the life he always desired. By joining the Skygger it was the best way to truly serve the tribe. With these thoughts in his mind he eventually reached the pit. As he started to peek around, he could see other two dragons fighting fiercely. This already discouraged him, but it was his major weakness afterall. Xayden usually fleed from fights, believing that escaping was always the safest route. He approached Oculus that looked to be the one in charge of the training. Being a shy dragon, Xayden wasn't sure what to tell him. "Greetings" He spoke a bit unsure, he was starting to feel the tension.

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Re: Into the Pit [Xayden/Skygger/Open]

Post by Sephtis on Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:49 am

The only thing Sephtis didn't like about the training was the fact that no one actually got hurt... In an actual fight, there was no way anyone would end up without a scratch... Even a little blood would have made it more... interesting for Seph. Of course, having no scars himself made it a bit odd that he would find this an improvement, but it wasn't for lack of training and experience that he had no wounds... In fact it was the opposite. He had no scars, but his opponents couldn't say the same. He was hiding in the shadows, hunched over, as though he were about to attack his prey. Although he could be hidden in plain sight, he didn't want to waste his energy. He noticed one of the spions approaching Herre Oculus. He tilted his head so he could hear what they might talk about. The spion, Xayden, greeted Oculus and waited for a reply. Seph leapt, from the shadow on the ground, to the shadows of the small ceiling-like overhang above the edges of the Pit. He then proceeded to, almost silently, crawl along the ceiling while remaining hidden. He came near to Oculus and Xayden, but stayed out of both of their lines of sight. If he was caught, he might have to sit through a lecture on what he'd done wrong. Of course... that could be helpful... But he preferred not to have that happen. He'd wait a while, just to be sure he hadn't been seen, but then he'd drop down and appear, seemingly from nowhere. Perhaps he might even surprise the trainee... That could be fun... Of course, he couldn't kill Xayden, but he could at least scare the living daylights out of him... Now if only it were dark out... Perhaps he could push Xayden into the pit, add a new contestant to the fight... He needed to get a job, a proper assignment... Just sitting around was not what a Skygger was supposed to be doing. Plus it was just boring. Maybe he could get an assignment... Even just a little one. Something that'd give him something important to do...

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Re: Into the Pit [Xayden/Skygger/Open]

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